In Rio, Martha and Paes received the most campaign money

In Rio, Martha and Paes received the most campaign money

The candidates for mayor of the Rio de Janeiro, Martha Rocha (PDT) e Eduardo Paes (DEM), are, so far, the ones who received the most campaign money. According to the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), the state deputy and former head of the Civil Police accounted for R $ 4 million. The money was deposited by his party’s national leadership through the Electoral Fund. The ex-mayor, on the other hand, obtained R $ 3.41 million also from the National Treasury budget transferred to his caption. Paes is consolidated in the first place in the polls. Martha, in turn, is in third place, but technically tied with the current mayor Marcelo Crivella (Republicans), runner-up, and the federal deputy Benedita da Silva (PT), the fourth in the dispute.

Martha Rocha (in a dark shirt), PDT candidate for the City of Rio

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Martha Rocha (in a dark shirt), PDT candidate for the City of Rio

Since 2018, companies have been banned from donating to candidates’ campaigns. The solution found by politicians was to define new rules for the financing of electoral propaganda. After much controversy, the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate approved the creation of the Special Campaign Financing Fund, the so-called Electoral Fund, which adds up to R $ 1.716 billion in public resources. In addition to this fund, the captions bet on donations from individuals and virtual kitties to increase the amount of resources.

Martha Rocha, however, has not yet presented her expenses to the TSE. The deadline for partial accountability is until the next 25th. Defendant on charges of cash two in the 2012 election campaign, Eduardo Paes used 77% of the money to pay the advertising agency Rio 2020 Publicidade Ltda., That is, R $ 1.91 million, most used to fund polls and election tests. Headquartered in Jacarepaguá, in the West Zone, the company was opened on the 5th of this month – eight days after the start of the campaign, on September 27th. The owner is Raul Guedes Rabelo, one of the partners of Leiaute Comunicação e Propaganda, whose clients are the government of Bahia.

The federal deputy Luiz Lima (PSL) obtained R $ 2.6 million from the Electoral Fund. Next comes Benedita da Silva, with R $ 1.96 million transferred by the PT and also from the same fund. The two parliamentarians, however, were not accountable for the expenses. Crivella has so far received 1.67 million from Republicans and from Ailton Cardoso da Silva, special secretary of the city hall. Ailton, who donated R $ 20,000 to his boss on the 13th, appeared as one of the administrators of the group “Guardiões do Crivella”, a scheme created with employees hired by the municipality to attack journalists, patients and relatives who complain about health care .

Among the 14 candidates for mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Fred Light (NOVO), ex-CEO of Flamengo, is only in tenth, with R $ 661.5 thousand received. But it was Fred Luz who received the largest donations from individuals. One of them of R $ 100 thousand registered in the name Luís Antônio Nabuco de Almeida Braga, son and heir of the banker Antônio Carlos de Almeida Braga, Braguinha.

Another R $ 100,000 received by Fred Luz was passed on by the businessman and oenophile Célio Pinto de Almeida. According to the Federal Public Ministry, in Operation Ratatouille, Célio was part of the so-called “Confraria do Vinho”. In 2017, the action was aimed at businessman Marco Antônio de Luca. According to the prosecutors, the group, which met to taste the drink, had, among others, former governor Sérgio Cabral, imprisoned in the Lava-Jato, and federal deputy Aécio Neves (PSDB-MG), denounced by the Attorney General -General of the Republic for money laundering and passive corruption.

How much each has received so far:

Martha Rocha (PDT): R $ 4 million

Eduardo Paes (DEM): R $ 3.4 million

Luiz Lima (PSL): R $ 2.6 million

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Benedita da Silva (PT): R $ 1.9 million

Marcelo Crivella (Republicans): R $ 1.6 million

Clarissa Garotinho (PROS): R $ 1.4 million

Eduardo Bandeira de Mello (Network): R $ 1.060 million

Paulo Messina (MDB): R $ 1.022 million

Glory Heloíza (PSC): R $ 1 million

Fred Light (NEW): R $ 661.5 thousand

Renata Souza (PSOL): R $ 505 thousand

Suêd Haidar (PMB): R$ 300 mil

Cyro Garcia (PSTU): R $ 41.3 thousand

Henrique simonard (PCO): Not informed.

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