In the saddle for a bike ride along the Seine!

In the saddle for a bike ride along the Seine!

In the saddle for a bike ride along the Seine!

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This new route should delight our bike fans. The distance to be covered will approach 400 kilometers and the circuit will follow the course of the Seine, which connects Paris in Le Havre and Honfleur, revealing a rich cultural and industrial heritage. The route will juggle on both banks of the Seine where free ferries allow the crossing of the river. This route will allow you to cross some of the major living areas of the region and its emblematic tourist sites.

What to see on the route from Paris to the sea?

Leaving Paris, many green barges and banks of the Seine await you. Passage required by Saint-Germain-en-Laye, for its historical heritage, Conflans-Saint-Honorine, the French capital of boating and La Roche Guyon, classified as the most beautiful village in France.

Arrived in Normandy, essential step in Giverny, for an immersion in the heart of Impressionism.

Next step: Rouen, for a journey back in time, in a medieval atmosphere marked by its cobbled streets, its Gothic churches and its houses dating from the Middle Ages.

A stop at the Abbey of Notre-Dame de Jumièges imposes itself: powerful Benedictine abbey, “the most beautiful ruin of France” according to Victor Hugo, whose eventful history marks the places.

The approaching estuary, we arrive at Havre, where you will have to take the time to admire its particular architecture, classified as a Unesco World Heritage Site.

– It is also possible to borrow another route on the end, passing by Honfleur and its old port, to Deauville, where you can enjoy its large beach and the famous boardwalk.

So, ready to get on your bikes to explore this new route full of great discoveries?


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