Indigenous ‘minga’ in Cali wants to meet Duque

Indigenous 'minga' in Cali wants to meet Duque

(ANSA) – BOGOTÁ, OCTOBER 13 – Hundreds of Colombian natives yesterday participated in a ‘minga’ (protest march) in the Cauca department to reach Cali where they announced that they will wait three days for the arrival of the president of the republic Iván Duque to discuss the ongoing violence against their social leaders and the government programs to fumigate the coca leaf plantations.

Colombia: indigenous 'minga' in Cali wants to meet Duque

Colombia: indigenous ‘minga’ in Cali wants to meet Duque

However, writes the newspaper El Tiempo, the head of state has made it known that he has no intention of accessing the request of the indigenous regional council of Cauca (Cric) and that he has appointed the Minister of the Interior, Alicia Arango Olmos, to represent him in the talks .

It is not clear at the moment whether the Jack will be satisfied with this offer, because on the eve he had assured that in the event Duque noin had presented himself in Cali, the ‘minga’ would have moved directly to Bogota.

For her part, Minister Arango Olmos said that “the government always puts its face up, has respected the commitments made with the ‘minga'”, inviting the demonstrators to “check the agreements that have been respected”.

However, once Duque’s absence was verified, the Cric delegation withdrew from Cali to discuss the situation and decide what to do to get satisfaction with the requests made.

In announcing the mobilization days ago, the Indigenous Council recalled that the march wants to remember that this year alone 20 young people were killed at the hands of soldiers and police officers, dozens of people died in 60 massacres and that there were as many as 359 femicides . (HANDLE).


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