infected twice in a few months, the second more serious

infected twice in a few months, the second more serious

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A 25-year-old from Nevada fell ill with Covid-19 twice within months, and the second time with more severe symptoms. The case was the subject of study and an article in the Lancet, taken up by the BBC, raises questions about the immunity of the infected healed, even if cases of double infection remain rare. And it also suggests caution to those who have already left Covid once. The 25-year-old American, who had no known health problems or immune defects that made him particularly vulnerable to Covid, showed the first symptoms, not too serious, on March 25: sore throat, cough, headache, nausea and diarrhea. On April 18 it tested positive for the first time.

On the 27th he had no more symptoms and in both tests carried out on 9 and 26 May he was negative. However, the symptoms reappeared on May 28th. On June 5, he was again positive with severe respiratory symptoms that required hospitalization. Scientists say it could not have been a recurrence of the first infection: a comparison of the genetic codes of the viruses analyzed on the two occasions showed that they were too different to be caused by the same infection.

“Our results indicate that contagion may not necessarily protect against future infections,” said Dr. Mark Pandori, of the University of Nevada. Double infections occurred in Hong Kong, Belgium and the Netherlands, but the second was never more serious. It happened in Ecuador, where, however, the patient did not arrive at hospitalization. “It is too early to say for sure what the implications of these results are for any immunization program,” said another doctor involved in the research. But they confirm the fact that we still don’t know enough about the immune response to this virus. ”


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