Ingrid Grudke revealed what she said to her father before she died

Ingrid Grudke revealed what she said to her father before she died

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Just over 15 days ago, Ingrid Grudke suffered a devastating loss over the death of his father, Eduardo And of course, today she grieves the way she can, with all that it means to lose her dad. Now on a radial note, the model and host revealed for the first time the last conversation she had with him.

In an interview with Juan Etchegoyen on “Miter Live” he said: “My sisters and my mom were anticipating me all the time that I was in Buenos Aires because of how bad my dad was coming. Every day they gave me the report. Today is better, today is worse. I had been gathering anguish and sadness for wanting to see the person you love “, she began by saying and then she told how her trip to Misiones was to see her before she passes to immortality.

“I entered with all the protocol. My dad having Alzheimer’s only recognized us with expressions, looks, smiles. They have lapses of remembering you. I talked to him. I told him I was here, thanks for bringing me. That she was going to take care of mom and that she could be at peace. I stared at him. My sisters and my mom gave me a very deteriorated image of my dad. I saw it with a lot of light, very radiant. With giant eyes and like he was staring at me. I got a good last picture of him. ”

“They didn’t let me stay long in the clinic because I was in intensive care. I went back and went into the kitchen of my mom’s house and told them how I had seen it. Selfishly it made me happy because I stayed with that image while my sisters did not. I felt that dad was waiting for me“, He finished.


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