Investigation prevented attacks on the Supreme Court

Investigation prevented attacks on the Supreme Court

NA MIRA - The Supreme Federal Court was the target of threats from militants

© Orlando Brito / VEJA
NA MIRA – The Supreme Federal Court was the target of threats from militants

In recent years, ministers of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) have become preferred targets for attacks e threats of militants. This wave of hostilities triggered a warning signal from the authorities, who began to monitor offensive publications on social networks and the Internet. deep web, a clandestine internet zone. During this scan, they were discovered plans of attacks against members of the Court.

In an interview with VEJA, Minister Alexandre de Moraes, rapporteur of an investigation that investigates threats to members of the Supreme Court, said that a group of people was identified who was even monitoring flight times and dates performed by a member of the STF. The criminals intended to meet the magistrate at the airport in São Paulo, ask for an autograph in a book and, in a moment of distraction, stab him. The target of the attack would be Minister Ricardo Lewandowski. Thanks to this discovery, security measures were taken to prevent a tragedy.

The authorities also identified another group in the deep web that had engineering plans for the garages and all floors of the Supreme Building. In addition, criminals mentioned the best places to invade space and indicated contacts with Court officials. “Some were connected to a terrorist group. Either we made a quick decision or we really could have had some tragic consequences ”, says Moraes, whose family was also the target of virtual attacks.

The offensive against the Supreme Court intensified this year, when supporters of Jair Bolsonaro began to criticize court decisions. In April, Minister Alexandre de Moraes suspended the appointment of delegate Alexandre Ramagem, appointed by the president, to the general directorate of the Federal Police. In June, protesters camped on the esplanade of the ministries fired fireworks towards the STF building. Some suspects were arrested and targeted by Federal Police operations. As a result, hostilities against the magistrates decreased. “I would not say that the concern is now cleared, because after this hate speech germ is released it is very difficult for you to contain it and completely erase it. But the necessary measures were taken, ”says Moraes.

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