Is it an inalienable holiday in Chile?

Is it an inalienable holiday in Chile?



Chile will experience a new long weekend thanks to the holiday that the country will have on October 12. This date is also celebrated in other parts of the Spanish-speaking region, however, in our country the question arises whether or not this is an inalienable holiday.

First of all it is important to remember that Spain promoted this celebration with the purpose of having a common feast that would unite all of Hipano-America, this was welcomed by all the countries and many of them declared it a holiday. In Chile it has been like this since 1921.

However, this holiday is not considered inalienable in comparison, for example, to January 1 or September 18 and 19, so many services must comply with their working hours that in some cases will be reduced in order to give their workers rest.

For example, supermarkets will respect the special hours established during the pandemic and will serve all the public that approaches the establishments. You can know the schedule in the following note.


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