Is it true that breasts fall from breastfeeding?

Is it true that breasts fall from breastfeeding?

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Dozens of women have asked me this question. “Lola, is it true that breasts sag from breastfeeding?” I’ve even noticed that the myth is deeply ingrained by comments from some moms. “It’s just that I breastfed my three children, that’s why I dropped them!” It is time for us to get out of error together. NO, breastfeeding is not a factor in breasts “sagging”. The breasts do not fall from breastfeeding the baby but from time and weight gain and loss.

Is it true that breasts sag from breastfeeding? Photo: * Pixabay

Is it true that breasts fall from breastfeeding? Photo: * Pixabay

In a certain way, yes, but more because at this stage we gain and lose weight. Obviously the number of pregnancies that a woman has affects, since our body undergoes changes more times, but this has nothing to do with feeding our babies, the same risk has women who do not give milk to their little ones.

All this I am telling you my gynecologist had already told me, but I also found a study that refers to it.

Does breastfeeding affect operated breasts?

A recurring concern of many mothers with breast implants is that breastfeeding affects their breasts. Given this, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), conducted a study to analyze the impact of breastfeeding.

The result was simple, breastfeeding is not responsible for breasts sagging, but weight gain in pregnancies and the passage of time.

The fear that the breasts “sag” conditions lactation

Surgical mothers, concerned about the appearance of their breasts after investing money in cosmetic surgery, are less likely to breastfeed their babies, experts say. They reached the conclusion after analyzing the breastfeeding habits of 160 moms with implants. It turns out that 86% of the 97 mothers who did not breastfeed had that idea.

In other words, the fear that the breasts will spoil during the breastfeeding process conditions the proper functioning of breastfeeding, reducing the chances of its being successful. Psychologically it hinders the process, which makes it difficult to carry out.

A misconception

The belief that breastfeeding spoils the appearance of the breasts is wrong, both in women who have breast implants and natural ones. The breasts do not sag from breastfeeding. This belief that “my son ate my breasts” is a complete and utter fallacy.

On the contrary, breastfeeding is the best thing you can give your baby and it has benefits for you and your little one.



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