is the folly of the Giallorossi

is the folly of the Giallorossi

The purpose of the proposed law is to “adapt the Italian legal system to the main international standards on diversity and inclusion in the field of school textbooks, through an effective action to prevent and contrast prejudices and stereotypes gender, as well as those relating to culture, ethnicity and ability, enhancing diversity “. But the idea of ​​setting up an observatory that on these bases assigns a” license “of legitimacy to school books immediately refers to a climate from Inquisition.


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It is the usual politically correct short circuit, that of the bill 2634 of last August, signed by the deputies of Pd, M5S, Leu and Più Europa and by the former president of the Chamber, Laura Boldrini. Yes, because with the excuse of promoting “diversity” and “inclusion” within the classroom, there is the risk of creating a real dictatorship of thought.

To make “the curricula of the various disciplines more representative and inclusive, especially with a gender-sensitive perspective”, in fact, left-wing parliamentarians have thought of a observatory national team which will be responsible for “drafting guidelines on diversity and inclusion in school textbooks”. And, most importantly, “to carry out a survey of the books used in schools of all levels”. Then, as in any self-respecting “regime”, the observatory will express “an opinion on the books examined, motu proprio or on the recommendation of a publisher or a school” and will give its judgement.

If the text passes the revision what appears to be a re-edition of “Minculpop”, so to speak, will then receive a “positive recognition that the publisher places on the book itself”. “In the event of a negative opinion or lack of examination – vice versa – the observatory is available to collaborate with the publisher for the purpose of revising the text”. Everything will be made public and available on the internet, “in special electronic public directories”.

A sort of Index 2.0, on which texts with the legitimacy stamp of the “ministry of propaganda” can be found and those who, on the other hand, did not pass the exam, considered, consequently, “racist” or “homophobic”. For publishers who will align with standard and the objectives pursued by the government also include “prizes and awards” as well as the possibility of attending “training courses on the subject”.

What about the Divine Comedy? Dante Alighieri’s masterpiece, the cornerstone of Italian literature, has already been branded in the past as anti-Semitism, racism, Islamophobia and homophobia. Who knows if it will receive the approval of the new observatory which would like to guarantee the irreproachability of culture.


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