Is the hair falling out too much? Check out tips to strengthen your hair

 Is the hair falling out too much? Check out tips to strengthen your hair

Throughout the day, it is common to lose between 100 to 150 hairs daily. However, if your hair loss is more pronounced than normal, it is better to investigate further. This because hair can fall out for different reasons and, in some cases, care and changes in habits already help to make hair stronger and healthier. Check out the possible causes, treatment tips and what to do to end hair loss.

Hair loss is different from broken hair

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First of all, it is important to differentiate between hair loss and hair loss. That’s because when the hair is broken, it is possible that it is porous, more dry and, therefore, it is breaking in half. In hair loss, the hair falls directly from the scalp and there are numerous causes that may be causing this more severe weakening.

What are the causes of hair loss?

Your hair may be falling out for different reasons. The average is to fall, on average, from 100 to 150 hairs per day, but if you noticed that you are falling a lot more than that, some factors may be contributing. Hormonal, emotional and hereditary issues can be causes of hair loss and, in these cases, a specialized professional will know how to indicate the necessary treatments. However, bad daily habits also contribute to the sharp fall of hair, as unbalanced food, stress and lack of hydration.

Good nutrition prevents hair loss

A diet low in nutrients directly affects hair health. “The base of the hair strands is composed of keratin, an important protein, and of some minerals such as iron. The health of not only the hair, but as a whole needs care with foods rich in nutrients”, reinforces nutritionist Ana Carolina Netto . For nutritionist Vanessa Almeida, a diet rich in protein, iron, zinc, selenium and good fats keeps the scalp and hair healthy. In addition, she advises to avoid processed foods.

Keep hair care always up to date

It is worth reinforcing that taking care of hair daily also prevents a possible fall, from the way you wash the wires even deeper treatments. The ideal is to keep an interval between washes, but the hygiene will depend on your hair type. It is also good to avoid pinning your hair and, whenever possible, using fabric accessories to avoid hurting your scalp or weakening the woods. Do not forget that hydration is essential to prevent dryness and keep the hair soft and healthy.

Black clay treatment may help

For those looking for a natural and more intense treatment, black clay is a great ally. According to trichologist Viviane Coutinho, the product has an activating action on the scalp. “It has an astringent function and favors in helping to control falls, especially those related to aging,” he says. To use, dilute the powder in thermal water, filtered water or some liquid of the same brand, following the manufacturer’s guidelines. “To remove it, we must let the water fall in abundance and only then use shampoo and conditioners aimed at your hair type”, he concludes.

(By Marina Couto)


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