Is there a military parade on October 12?

Is there a military parade on October 12?

Hispanic Day Parade

Hispanic Day Parade

He government and the Real home they are finalizing the act of commemoration of the National Holiday on Monday 12, which for the first time in decades will not be celebrated with a grand parade through the center of Madrid but will be replaced by an austere military act in the Plaza de la Armería del Royal Palace. It will also be the first of Coalition government of PSOE Y United we can in the Palacio de la Moncloa.

Traditionally, October 12 is celebrated with a great military parade through the streets of Madrid, with the participation of thousands of members of the Armed Forces, military vehicles and aircraft; followed by a reception at the Royal Palace It is attended by the powers of the State, former presidents of the Government, and representatives of the economic, university and civil society world.

However this year all these acts have been altered by the pandemic and the Government and the Royal House have been working for months on a alternative that complies with sanitary standards imposed by the Covid-19. The entire organization will also be pending until the last minute of the evolution of the virus in Madrid and the measures that are adopted to prevent its spread.

The planned plan includes the holding a military act in the yard of the Royal Palace – the same place where the tribute to the victims of the coronavirus– Chaired by the kings and with the presence of the Government and the main State authorities, including the regional presidents.

This is the first year of the coalition government and therefore the first time that there are members of United We Can Minister council. In previous years nor the current vice president second of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, nor the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzon, attended the parade or the subsequent reception as leaders of We can and of IU.

The commemoration of October 12 will be held shortly after due to the controversy generated by the absence of Felipe VI of the act of delivery of credentials to the new judges in Barcelona and his call to the president of the General Council of the Judiciary, Charles Lesmes, assuring that he would have liked to be present.

This unleashed criticism from Iglesias, which defended that “institutional respect means political neutrality of the Head of State”, as well as Garzón, which accused the monarchy of “maneuvering against the democratically elected government.”

Last year, the leader of Podemos delegated the representation of the purple party in the leaders Gloria Elizo and Txema Guijarro, then part of the Bureau of Congress and secretary general of the parliamentary group, respectively.

Among the regional presidents, the absences of the heads of Catalonia Y Basque Country. The president of the Madrid’s community, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, she already had the opportunity to debut as a host last year with the mayor of the capital, José Luis Martínez-Almeida.

The act will foreseeably have a military endowment and homage to the flag. It is also expected that the Eagle Patrol, the acrobatic unit of the Air Force, draw the colors of the flag in the sky Madrid, according to sources from the organization.

It has also been contemplated that The Legion have some prominence, since this 2020 celebrates its centenary and the commemoration plan that he had planned has also been greatly altered by the coronavirus, including the central act that was held last September in Almería with the presence of the King and the Defense Minister, Margaret Robles.


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