‘It is 7 rounds that arbitration is not a matter’

'It is 7 rounds that arbitration is not a matter'

Chairman of the CBF arbitration committee, Leonardo Gaciba participated in the Football in the Vein this Monday and came out in defense of the referees, who have recently been heavily criticized by coaches like Renato Gaúcho and Mano Menezes.

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“I do not see this excess of attacks that the VAR takes round by round. That is a fact. It has been 7 rounds that arbitration is not a matter. In fact, we have had two rounds, fourth or fifth, fifth or sixth, that we take too long, too , to analyze the bid. We had mistakes for taking too long. The mistake was taking too long. So we got together, evaluated, we did a self-criticism and went to study, went to improve, went to try to evolve. From there, it seems that the thing took a line we had very few … Formal complaints from Serie A clubs to CBF are rare, rare, to happen over technical decisions “, he said.

“Technical analysis, I think everyone has the right to make a technical analysis around that. We have professionals who analyze arbitration: hits, mistakes. What did they think they got it right, what did they think they got it wrong. And, in fact, if we go, every weekend, to say that we got it right here, we made mistakes there. Here it was good, here it was bad. I don’t think it’s positive. First of all, we often diverge from opinions and the same controversy will continue. You think you got it right, but I think you got it wrong. For example, from all situations this weekend, I see technical success in every decision of the referees. All! 100% technical success. And I won’t come here every final say the referee got it right … Constructive criticism, please, we make a point of receiving it, because whoever thinks it is perfect is in the wrong world. We always have to evolve. This is our job. This is not an opinion of CBF, but of the general public, some people roast the tone. Some were wrong. Some were not happy with their statements over the weekend. “

Gaciba also spoke about the controversy that took place in the duel between Fluminense and Bahia when Mano Menezes, coach of the Bahian team, called judge José Mendonça da Silva Júnior a “vagabundo” while still on the field.

“The referee did not listen, as reported in the scoresheet. I know Mendonça, I know how hard he is, he has a family, a very responsible guy. A professional who is on the rise within the arbitration. , he would clearly use the red card and, as he did not hear in the field, he later quoted on the scoresheet. From then on, the decision of the Supreme Court is to make the summons for judgment of the coach in question or not. in the midst of football he thought that the coach went a little over the top, maybe a lot, over his attitude “, he commented.

The president also defended the technology and explained the transparency protocols.

“This technology that is used, is the same technology used by FIFA in the World Cup. Interesting, telling the coach the question of frame or not frame, it was cool for the people to look at, and that is in the public domain, and I even I invite all viewers to watch CBF TV, we did pre-championship and sent to all football clubs how this line of impediment is made, how is the dialogue inside the booth. Everything is there for the people who are curious If you are going to see it there, inside the video, you will see, the moment of the original pass is not frame and not frame. The moment of passing, the origin of the move, the move is frozen on the first contact of the player with the ball. This is done in a closed camera, different from what we normally use in television broadcasts. After all, the broadcasts are not made to clarify doubts. After we close this image, at the moment of the contact of the player’s release with the ball, then yes The lines are drawn at fixed points of the player prescribed by the game rules, by the FIFA protocol. And, from there, we have the answer whether or not the player is prevented. In this game, specifically, we even have an image, in an inverted angle, that shows the accuracy of the line and the correctness in the decision making of the arbitration, the correctness of the video referee in saying that the goal was irregular. I’m talking about the technical part, everyone has access to this, they can go there whenever they want. The question of audios is prohibited by FIFA, the clubs received this circular. It is prohibited to broadcast audios in real time. We use them in the didactic part, to explain the whole process that is done. But I want to make it very clear to the public that the transparency is total. The clubs are there. ”

Commentator spoke about the new Corinthians coach

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Commentator spoke about the new Corinthians coach


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