“It is not necessary to change the names of the Cabinet”

They restrict circulation to contain the curve inside

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“Today the problem is political, not economic,” defines Marcelo Figueiras, head of Richmond laboratories and member of IDEA. “Raising the rate to discourage the dollar doesn’t do much good. Today, what is needed is to recreate trust ”, says the businessman in dialogue with PROFILE.

It comes from announcing investments and ensures that companies have a long-term commitment. “It is easier than we think. It has already happened that, with confidence, the dollar can go down. It already happened in Kirchner’s early days when it dropped from $ 4.20 to 2.50 and was at $ 3 for years, ”he remarks on expectations about the dollar.

“It is not necessary to change the names of the Cabinet,” he adds about the speculation of recent weeks.

—How did you see Alberto Fernández’s participation in the IDEA Colloquium?

—IDEA aims to generate these agreements and contribute. I thought it was very positive that the president came. He spoke of solidarity and competitive capitalism, that is a pro-business message. Argentina needs companies because the country grows when companies produce.

– Can a consensus be built in the midst of the radicalized positions of some sectors, the marches and crossed statements?

“The marches are because we’re all tired.” I would not fall into the pro or anti quarantine binary. Today quarantine is the remedy, until the vaccine comes out. You can do things better or worse, but it is what is done all over the world. The limit of the protests is violence, going to someone’s house. Not all of us have to think alike, but the one who won the elections, won and must be respected. When the new elections come, you have to go and vote. But with consensus, if the president changes tomorrow, economic policy has to change in nuances, not from white to black. You have to make an export revolution. We all agree on what we want, the problem is how. And that begins to be defined with consensus and trust.

“In the meantime, how do you survive the conjuncture?”

—We have to attend to the one who doesn’t have one today. There is a shortage problem. Today you don’t have dollars and you have to export.

—There are companies that announce the exit and others that reinforce investments. How does it look in IDEA?

—Those who are in IDEA have a vocation to stay in the country, whether they are nationals or foreigners. This is betting on the future. In our case, we are going to continue with the investment plan and in the middle of next year we are going to open a new plant to export and substitute imports, with an investment of US $ 43 million.

“What is happening with the rise of the dollar and costs?”

—It’s the instability that doesn’t let you work and that worries you. You spend a lot of time watching you cover yourself. Inflation hits those who have the least. The numbers are not good. The economy has to be competitive. Price agreements last a while but if everything falls apart afterwards, they are useless.


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