“It shocks me to hear Macri speak with such impunity”


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He President Alberto Fernández He stated that he was “shocked” to hear former president Mauricio Macri “speak with such impunity”, and considered that the former head of the Buenos Aires government “must have a severe amnesia problem.”

“It shocks me to hear him speak with such impunity to the former president. Macri, so that you remember … the quarantine allowed us to set up a health system that you ruined,” Fernández said in statements to channel C5N.

A day after the massive marches on October 12, Fernández said that “it is ridiculous to think that it is seeking to silence the public or restrict freedoms” when people are told “do not go out, you have to be careful, because the coronavirus multiplies the chances of contagion and it has already taken many people “.

. These marches summon the contagion of the people in a very difficult moment in Argentina, “said Fernández.

“In a democracy there should be different reflections and the opponent should not be called or disqualified who does not think as the one who manifests himself. At times there is an absurd demand where everything is mixed,” he said.

In that sense, the national president added: “When one tells the citizen please take care of ourselves because when leaving the possibility of being able to become infected with a virus that infects at high speed and that took many does not seek to silence the citizens or restrict freedoms “.



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