“It was probably a stroke”


His sudden death shocked German stars like Fürstin Gloria von Thurn and Taxis (60)! Star-Figaro Gerhard Meir († 65) was found dead in his apartment in Munich on September 11th. Most recently, the successful hairdresser is said to have suffered from health problems – and survived, among other things, a heart attack and a stroke in the past.


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Alexander Meir (58) now commented on the exact cause of his brother’s death. So far it was only known that Gerhard died in his sleep. But what is still missing any trace? Of all things, from the will of the star Figaro, who until recently ran a salon in Munich’s renowned Ludwigstrasse.

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In the following video you can find out how you are a support for the bereaved in the event of death.

Gerhard Meir probably didn’t make a will

In an interview with the “Bild” newspaper, Gerhard Meir’s brother revealed that the family now knows about the cause of death. He stated, “It was probably a stroke“Tragic! Two years ago, Gerhard suffered an attack of weakness in his Munich hairdressing salon.

What will happen to the estate of the star hairdresser? Even the Meir family doesn’t know that! Alexander said to “Bild”: “The probate court is still in the investigation. My brother probably didn’t make a will. That suits him. Illness and death were not part of it for him. ”

Gerhard Meir wanted to leave the hairdressing salon to his brothers

Particularly bizarre: In the summer, a few weeks before his death, Gerhard Meir explained in the “Bild” interview that he would have precise plans for his salon in the event of his death. At the time, he said: “I have decided that one day my brothers will continue to run my business. The most valuable thing I have to bequeath are my loyal employees.” But now Alexander Meir explained that he and Brother Manfred (62) cannot continue the salon. “We hope that his employees will continue to run the shop so that the name doesn’t die,” said the 58-year-old honestly.

In the video below, a psychologist shares tips on how best to help bereaved people cope with their grief.

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