“It was the entire teaching staff who felt hurt”


In front of the Bois-d'Aulne college, where Samuel Paty practiced.

In front of the Bois-d’Aulne college, where Samuel Paty practiced.

Faced with the horror that has affected the profession, the unions express their emotion and call for a rally on Sunday pending the national tribute and other educational actions at the start of the school year.

Touched in their hearts. As of Friday evening, the teachers’ unions and the whole educational community denounced with one voice the horror which struck their profession and paid tribute to Samuel Paty, the decapitated history and geography professor at Conflans-Sainte-Honorine. “What for us is at the limit of the conceivable, is that we find ourselves in France in the XXIe century to see a teacher beheaded in the street for teaching. Even as I tell you, it’s hard to imagine that this has happened. We are in a state of shock ”, confides Jean-Rémi Girard, president of Snalc (minority union). “Stupefaction”, “incomprehension”, emotion is strong in the educational community. “The first reaction is both a lot of compassion for the relatives of this colleague and a very strong indignation in the face of an unspeakable act. As the ministry said, it was the entire faculty who felt hurt because it was because he was doing his job that this colleague was also horribly attacked», testifies Frédérique Rolet, general secretary of SNES-FSU (majority secondary union).

The representative trade unions were received this Saturday morning at the Ministry of National Education. “The Prime Minister was present, which was an important and positive sign. This Saturday, we are all launching a call for unity, to defend the Republic because with this savage assassination, it is also the Republic which is also under attack in its values ​​”, explains Frédéric Marchand, secretary general of Unsa Education, who was present in rue de Grenelle. He also calls for no“Amalgam”: “We must fight radical and political Islam, which attacks the Republic, but not stigmatize Muslims as some or some already do.”

A Sunday gathering

Before the national tribute to the murdered professor, announced by the Elysée for Wednesday, the different organizations call for a rally on Sunday at 3 p.m., Place de la République in Paris. “There will be some everywhere in the province as well. We must show that the profession is united, that freedom of expression must remain an inalienable right in our country ”, recalls Frédérique Rolet. The authorization request was in progress on Saturday afternoon.

From this Saturday morning, in the open establishments, minutes of silence were organized. Sophie Vénétitay, professor of economic and social sciences and deputy secretary general of Snes-FSU, was in: “We had this need to find each other. There was a moment of collective contemplation in the teachers’ room in which the management participated. Then a minute of silence with the students at 11 o’clock. ” While some students refused to join in in 2015 after the attack on Charlie Hebdo, she notes: “It went well. The students were shocked and had a lot of questions to try to understand: “Why? How? Why a teacher?” It was very special, but it also shows that the school is able to respond to challenges very quickly. ”

“Need to educate”

The majority of teachers having been on vacation since Friday evening, the question of the return to school on November 2 is already being asked. “The minister wants it to be well framed so that new problems can be avoided. The teachers must be well equipped to know what to do, how to react ”, adds the secretary general of Snes who had not had at the start of the afternoon any reports of incidents during the minutes of silence on Saturday. The possible actions to be taken will be discussed in close collaboration with the ministry. “School holidays frustrate colleagues who would have liked to be able to talk about it, meet up, discuss it with the students, regrets Jean-Rémi Girard. At Snalc, we say “a minute of silence at the start of the school year, yes, but an hour of discussions too”. We need to educate on freedom of expression, secularism. ”

He proposes to “use in all establishments caricatures of Charlie Hebdo as a support. It would be a strong symbol. ” The national framework will not happen without “Team freedom”, explains Frédéric Marchand: “They must be able to seize this moment and not find themselves in difficulty. We also mentioned the possibility of creating a toll-free number for all staff in the event of a need for support. ” If some teachers may legitimately have fears, the Snalc reports to have for the time being mainly feedback from volunteer teachers to “do something”.

Role of social networks

Beyond the emotion, Philippe Vincent, president of SNPDEN (union of heads of establishments), calls “To a reflection on how to better equip, train, support and protect teaching teams in the face of these repeated attacks in various forms. There we reached a paroxysmal level ”. By citing the “Attacks on secularism” mentioned at the start of the week, He pursues: “We can see that in a more or less insidious or visible way, there are attacks against what the school represents and what it wears.” While secularism referents are faced with sometimes complex situations in the rectors, “Principals often need support themselves. There are rarely stereotypical responses, the context and conditions are different ”. Snes-FSU hopes that the Minister’s support to staff “Will not be circumstantial”: “We will not be satisfied with fine words under the influence of emotion.” Frédérique Rolet quotes the survey carried out last year by her union following of the suicide of the school principal Christine Renon. “Many colleagues did not feel supported by the hierarchy especially during problems with the parents of students. In Conflans, the principal reacted very well but this is not always the case, especially at the higher level of the institution. “

The role played by social networks in this affair is also questioned. Rodrigo Arenas, the president of the FCPE (Federation of parents of pupils), said, sounded: “A video of a parent of a student has circulated a lot in recent days. The virality was such that I alerted the mayor of Conflans to warn him of the situation. It was October 9th. No more news since. Until tonight. I will not make any further comment, this is not the time, but we will have to know what has happened since then. ” Frédérique Rolet also reacts: “If this professor could have been so martyred, it is because his photo had been circulated. We are asking for additional training for teachers, more support but also vigilance regarding the use of social networks. ” For Jean-Rémi Girard, this especially highlights the “Need to establish more contacts between school and families. What is happening on social networks is because this stage has often not taken place or not as it should ”.


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