Italian Prime Minister rules out new lockdown despite new cases

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(ANSA) – Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said on Monday (12) that he was committed to finalizing the decree with further measures against the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus and ruled out the possibility of enacting a new lockdown throughout the country.

“We are committed to the decree and we will try to finalize it this evening. I am returning to Rome, where I have a meeting with the regions and we would like to launch anti-Covid measures,” said Conte during an event in Taranto.

The Italian Prime Minister further explained that he would exclude a new lockdown across the territory because the government has been working precisely to prevent it.

“We have strengthened hospital structures and the response of the health system. We are far ahead. We are doing an impressive number of tests,” he explained.

The statement was given at the ceremony for laying the first stone on the construction site of a new hospital in San Cataldo. On the occasion, Conte also stated that “if this curve [epidemiológica] keep going up, it provides for some limited blockade “, but knows that the country is no longer” in the situation of closures in the whole territory or in large areas “, mainly because the government has adopted a series of measures and uses a monitoring system very sophisticated.

Today, former Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, leader of the far-right Northern League party, also commented on the discussions on the new decree and said he hoped that “no one in the government would think to re-close spaces, stores, offices, factories and schools. “because Italians are” at risk of dying “.

“It’s okay to be careful, distant and masked. But not closed at home. Eighty percent of infections occur at home: those are the data, so there is no point in blaming those who work,” argued Salvini.

In recent days, the Italian government has been debating new measures to try to contain a second wave of Covid-19 in the country, in view of the increase in the number of daily cases. The expectation is that the document will be ready this Monday. (ANSA)


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