its taste, its toxicity, how to cook it …

its taste, its toxicity, how to cook it ...

Everything you need to know about star fruit: its taste, its toxicity, how to cook it ...

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Everything you need to know about star fruit: its taste, its toxicity, how to cook it …

Starfruit is a popular fruit in some parts of the world, such as China, India or even Brazil, but it remains little known here. Much appreciated by pastry chefs for its star shape which makes it possible to decorate pies and desserts, this little ingredient has other secrets. We tell you all about this pretty little-known exotic fruit.

Current Cuisine – Everything you need to know about star fruit: its taste, its toxicity, how to cook it …



What is carambola?

The carambole is a small exotic fruit, which takes the 5 pointed star shape once cut. From the carambola tree, this star-shaped fruit grows in a hot and humid climate, such as tropical countries (Thailand, Brazil, India or South America).

Sold half green, half yellow during the winter, it is popular for decorating cakes, with pastry chefs often using it as a simple decorative ingredient. However, starfruit is delicious and can be eaten raw, in compote, sorbet, juice …

What are the risks of consuming star fruit?

First of all, it is important to know that the star fruit contains oxalates which can cause kidney disease, if it is consumed in excess. Most importantly, it contains a neurotoxin that can cause worsening of symptoms and / or serious neurological damage in people with kidney disease. And this, whether consumed raw, cooked or in juice. Its consumption should therefore be absolutely prohibited in all its forms for all people suffering from renal failure and / or on dialysis.

Note that even for people with no particular health problem, the consumption of star fruit should stay moderate.

However, the carambola contains an interesting amount of vitamin C, which helps in particular to strengthen the immune system.

Also, its beta-carotene (provitamin A) content is notable. This substance is indeed a valuable anti-oxidant which helps fight against cellular aging and cardiovascular diseases.

What does star fruit taste like?

You may be wondering what does star fruit taste like ? To put it simply, you should know that it is sweet, with a slight touch of acidity. For many its flavor is reminiscent of certain citrus fruits like orange, grapefruit or lemon, and others think, on the contrary, that it is close to pineapple.

How to use carambola in cooking?

To consume star fruit, you must make sure that it is ripe enough. So pay attention to its color, since in its green-yellow version, the flesh is acidic because it is immature. Better to choose a fruit golden skin and with slightly brown edges, unblemished and very firm under the fingers.

After having cut both ends of the star fruit, then removing its seeds, it is possible to use it in salad or as a garnish. However, it can be used in the preparation of certain sauces, for Asian dishes or others based on fish and seafood, because it goes very well with spices.

You can also consider transforming the carambola in jam or jelly, even in smoothie, very pleasant during the summer.

How to store star fruit?

For his conservation, and like any fruit, starfruit can stay for about 7 days in the crisper of a refrigerator.

However, if it stays in a fruit basket at room temperature, it is better to consume it. within 4 or 5 days after purchase.


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