It’s the return of the rotary engine at Mazda!

It's the return of the rotary engine at Mazda!

Mazda6 Wagon test

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Mazda6 Wagon test

The return of the wankel will initially be in the form of a range extender.

The rotary engine that long made Mazda famous has been shelved for several reasons. For years, no model has embarked this engine but things are changing. Indeed, for several months, the rumor would like that the rotary engine returns on the front of the scene. Besides, Mazda presented various rotary engine RX concepts, but none of them were marketed.

Mazda has hinted that the rotary engine will return, and that day is coming. Indeed, in a long video, Akira Marumoto, the boss of Mazda announced the news. Indeed, after the presentation of the Mazda MX-30 and a long speech on the company’s plans, Akira Marumoto formalized the return of the rotary engine.

The first prototypes to embed this engine will run from January 2021. Their marketing is scheduled for the first half of 2022. For now, we do not know precisely which models will benefit from this engine, but the boss of Mazda has been very clear, the wankel will only be used as a range extender!

Indeed, the rotary motor will only be used in electric vehicles. It will therefore only act to recharge the battery of the latter so that the electric motor can operate. In other words, the rotary motor will not drive the wheels. This technology was announced by Mazda with a prototype in 2019, the e-TPV. The principle of operation is the same as for the BMW i3. As an option, the Munich car could be equipped with a range extender characterized by a two-cylinder heat engine.

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