Junge collects 600 euros for cancer patients – with “ugly” pumpkins

Junge collects 600 euros for cancer patients - with

Nothing heralds autumn more than the first pumpkin sales on the roadside. Usually only the most beautiful specimens are bought there. Crooked or even ugly pumpkins are often left lying around until they rot. But not everyone thinks only perfect pumpkins are beautiful. Charlie Jones (10) from Jamestown, Indiana, for example, has a soft spot for the crooked things – and even started to breed them himself.

Ten year olds earn 600 euros - with "ugly" pumpkins

© Facebook/Corrie Lamb Jones
Ten year olds earn 600 euros – with “ugly” pumpkins

Boy purposely planted ugly pumpkins

As “inspiremore.com” reports, the boy got seeds from rotted pumpkins and planted them. This is essential to get “unsightly” pumpkins. Chris took care of the vegetables so that he could sell them in the fall. The ten-year-old actually wanted to use it to supplement his pocket money. But then came the corona pandemic. Some of Chris’ family also contracted Covid-19, but fortunately recovered quickly. During the lockdown and contact restrictions, the hardworking boy had enough time to take care of his pumpkins extensively and ended up harvesting much more than he expected.

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Corona converted earnings into donations

When he found out that the local cancer center, the Boone County Cancer Society, was getting hardly any donations due to Corona, he made a plan. He opened a street sale for his extraordinary pumpkins. With a little advertising that his mother posted on Facebook, the ten-year-old could hardly save himself from customers. “That was amazing, really amazing. People were lining up for ugly pumpkins,” he says. It wasn’t long before Chris had raised more than 600 euros from his sale.

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When his pumpkins sold out, he took the money and had his mother drive him to the cancer center. There he handed over the entire sumthat he had taken to the director. He could hardly believe how much the boy had got together and was very grateful. Chris’ donation will have a big impact and help the organization a lot.

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