Kalil oscillates a point and maintains wide advantage in Belo Horizonte

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BELO HORIZONTE – The mayor of Belo Horizonte, Alexandre Kalil (PSD), follows in first place with a large advantage in relation to the second placed in the voting intentions in the capital of Minas Gerais, as pointed out Ibope research released on Thursday, 15, the first after the start of electoral hours on radio and television.

Kalil has 59%, compared to 58% in the previous Ibope survey, released on October 2. The runner-up, the state deputy João Vítor Xavier (Citizenship), rose from 4% in the survey released on the 2nd to 7% in the survey made public this Thursday.

The result shows that Kalil, despite having missed the only debate held so far, and being strongly attacked in the electoral schedule by competitors, has managed, at least until now, to maintain his position in the leadership isolated from voting intentions in the capital. Kalil has also not been campaigning on the streets, presenting the new coronavirus pandemic as a justification for this.

The federal deputy Aurea Carolina (PSOL), which had 3% in the previous survey, remained with the same percentage. Bruno Engler (PRTB) fluctuated from 3% to 2%. The PT candidate, Nilmário Miranda, also registered a drop in voting intentions, from 2% to 1%. The same occurred with the candidate supported by the governor Romeu Zema, Rodrigo Paiva (New), which went from 2% to 1%.

The candidates Cape Xavier (PMB), Lafayette Andrada (Republicans), Marília Rodrigues (PCO) e Professor Wendel (Solidarity) were at 1% and continue with the same percentage. The toucan Luisa Barreto (PSDB) had 1% and fell to 0% in the survey released on Thursday. Fabiano Cazeca (Pros) and Wanderson Rocha (PSTU) had 0% and continue like this. Marcelo Souza e Silva (Patriotas), from not mentioned, went to 0%. Wadson Ribeiro (PC do B), was 0% for not mentioned.

The survey was registered at the Regional Electoral Court of Minas Gerais (TRE-MG) under number 00100/2020. The confidence level is 95%. 1,001 voters were heard in the city of Belo Horizonte between October 13 and 15. The margin of error is 3 percentage points more or less. The survey was commissioned by TV Globo.


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