Kanye West’s ex accuses him of harassment

Kanye West's ex accuses him of harassment

Kanye West's ex accuses him of harassment

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Kanye West’s ex accuses him of harassment

Kanye West and Amber Rose dated from 2008 to 2010. Ten years after the breakup, the model still feels harassed by her ex.

Rapper Kanye West and model Amber Rose had a two-year love affair … ten years ago. Since then, Kanye West seems to persecute his ex-girlfriend in the media whenever he gets the chance.

The young woman therefore took advantage of a recent interview to explain that she had felt harassed by her ex for ten years. “We are very, very different people. I have compassion, I have empathy, I’m a good person and that’s why people love me. That’s also why everyone I’ve dated have always loved me. Nobody says bad things about me except him. Because I left. I am not like him.

She says that she does not want to make any money from this story, although she has been offered several times to write a book on the subject. “Money is not always good to take. It wouldn’t have made me happy, even if it was someone who lashed out at me. Because that’s what he did for ten years.

He harassed me, he intimidated me for ten years.

For ten years, the two stars have rebuilt their lives: Kanye West with Kim Kardashian and their children, and Amber Rose with producer Alexander Edwards. “I have an amazing husband and two beautiful children. Lately he called me a prostitute at a meeting. Ten years later… but leave me alone.


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