Kate Hudson’s worst kiss in the movies

Kate Hudson's worst kiss in the movies

Movie kisses aren’t always fun. In this regard, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson have released some secrets during a podcast. The two actresses thus revealed their most unpleasant kisses during a shoot.

Kate Hudson was indeed the guest of Gwyneth Paltrow’s latest podcast, “The Goop Podcast”. On this occasion, they remembered some bad moments spent during an intimate scene.

So when Gwyneth Paltrow asked Kate Hudson what her “best kiss on screen” had been, the “Almost Famous” star had her “worst” in mind straight away. And in fact, “Honestly, I feel like I haven’t had the best kisses”, she confessed. “I have the impression that I should have had better ones”.

And who was this “worst”? Matthew McConaughey… The actor with whom she shared the poster in “The Love of Gold” (2008) and “How to get dumped in ten lessons” (2003).

“Every time I kiss McConaughey, I mean, it’s like something just happened and there’s snot or wind.”, she explained. ” When we were kissing, at the end of L’Amour de l’Or, we were in the ocean, we had just had a plane crash, he had snot all over his face! “

For her part, Gwyneth Paltrow does not keep an excellent memory of her kiss with Robert Downey Jr. If they played together in the Iron Man saga, the two actors were indeed already longtime friends. “When I kissed Robert, I said to myself: ‘You are laughing at me, it’s literally like kissing my brother'”, said the actress.


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