Kate Middleton and William accused of using their children to serve their interests

Kate Middleton and William accused of using their children to serve their interests

Kate Middleton and William accused of using their children to serve their interests

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Kate Middleton and William accused of using their children to serve their interests

Satisfied parents who never hesitate to put their children forward, Kate Middleton and Prince William face heavy charges. According to an expert, the Cambridges use George, Charlotte and Louis for their personal interests.

The Cambridge, learned manipulators? Satisfied parents of George, Charlotte and Louis, Kate Middleton and Prince William never hesitate to talk about their family life. Important members of the British Crown, their children are gradually pushed to the fore. Even though they are educated away from the media and the cameras, siblings play an important role in the monarchy. Often photographed with Kate Middleton and Prince William – when it’s not by their mom -, the couple’s three children have also appeared several times alongside the Cambridges, never stingy with tender confidences about their private life. And if George, Charlotte and Louis soften the observers and walk in the footsteps of their elders, they could also serve them. This accusation is the one made by a royal expert in a long analysis published on 9Honey. “As with most parents, William’s personal experience inevitably influenced his approach to raising his own children.”, writes Victoria Arbiter.

According to her, Prince William and Kate Middleton “made a mutual effort to protect their offspring from the harshest elements of royal life”, cameras, “but they have also strived to instill a healthy understanding of the role of the media”. While the son of Prince Charles and Lady Di has, like his brother, suffered from his media coverage, “The Cambridge children have benefited from having their show run by mom in a controlled environment”. For the British Crown specialist, the appearances of the couple’s children are “carefully orchestrated”. Especially the adorable video of the brothers and sister who addressed to naturalist David Attenborough, who has “served as a temporary antidote in an undeniably dark year”. Victoria Arbiter, hard with the royal family, wanted to qualify her remarks. According to her, this latest appearance of George, Charlotte and Louis also annoyed them “cynical” who could not “to refrain from declaring that the involvement of the children was a premeditated blow”.

“A good way to strengthen” their confidence

Like other members of the British royal family, the children of Kate Middleton and Prince Charles have thus allowed “to bring attention to a worldwide charity, organization or cause”. With his descendants, this is what Prince William is trying to do. Committed to the environment for years, the one who participated in documentary A planet for everyone and just launched an environmental award hoping they will take over. Thanks to this video, shot in Kensington Palace Gardens, Prince William and Kate Middleton have “ticked several boxes”, writes the specialist, because in addition to pointing out a major problem, they gently encouraged them to play a role. “Intended for a life of royal service, it is imperative that they learn early on what their future roles will require”, she deciphers, aware that this first speech “is a surefire way to strengthen” children’s confidence.

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Kate Middleton and Prince William accompany George and Charlotte to school

The keys to their future

“Giving them time to master their skills only benefits them more, Judge Victoria Arbiter. (…) But, perhaps more importantly, thanks to the video, the nation got to know its younger members of the royal family better. “ If the specialist denounces in the background a publicity stunt orchestrated by the Cambridge, she affirms that Kate Middleton and Prince William are right to expose their family life, and in particular the Prince George, who will one day be King of England. Put on the front of the stage, from their youngest years, their children will thus have time to “s’armer” in the face of criticism from members of the Crown and “pressures of royal life”. Because if these pressures are not “not child’s play”, Kate Middleton and Prince William prepare their descendants to take the blows, in particular by drawing inspiration from the complicated childhood of the Duke of Cambridge. For them, it is above all “a way to guarantee that they will be successful” to survive in a sometimes ruthless environment.


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