Kate Middleton and William face the grumbling of photographers

Kate Middleton and William face the grumbling of photographers

Kate Middleton and William face the grumbling of photographers

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Kate Middleton and William face the grumbling of photographers

With the Covid-19 epidemic, many photographers have had to give up working for the British royal family. Indeed, the latter, for health reasons, limited the number of professionals present during its official engagements.

For several months, Kate Middleton and Prince William have tirelessly supported those who try to fight the Covid-19 epidemic, whether on the side of medical professions, like the law enforcement, but also by highlighting the initiative of many citizens. Yet in their desire to “shine a light on people who went above and beyond to help others during this extraordinary time” (see one of their press releases), the Duchess and the Duke of Cambridge seem to forget those who make them famous: the photographers.

This is what the blog emphasizes “From Berkshire to Buckingham”, who regularly comments on Kate Middleton’s actions. By browsing the various pictures of Prince William’s wife, author Jane Barr noticed that a photographer’s name came up regularly: Arthur Edwards. This 80-year-old professional, working for The Sun, is a legend in the trade. Proof of its importance: it was awarded the Order of the British Empire by Elizabeth II for his “exceptional service to newspapers”.

Photographers set aside

Another name also appears: that of Daniel Leal-Olivas. And only very few others. As the blog author observes, “the royal family seems to allow only one photographer to attend each engagement”. A situation very different from a few months ago, where several photographers automatically followed the members of the Firm. With the health crisis, which imposes a limited number of people during public events, most royal photographers have been put on forced leave by the british royal family. And Buckingham Palace has so far not given any date on which these professionals could return to work.

Reporters put on the floor, who nevertheless participate in the publicity of the British monarchy. “The photos we get of our favorite royals don’t come out of thin air. Real people – talented – spend a lot of money on expensive high definition devices and to follow the public engagements of the British royal family “, continues Jane Barr. Professionals often forced to exercise in all weather and wait for several hours to get the right shot. People including Kate Middleton and Prince William will have to worry about now.


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