Kievgate, mails are appearing against Biden. Doubts about authenticity

 Kievgate, mails are appearing against Biden. Doubts about authenticity

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NEW YORK – Yet another “October surprise” has arrived: a dozen e-mails stolen from a personal computer brought to fix in Wilmington, Delaware, the city where the Democratic candidate lives Joe Biden. A branded scoop New York Post, the Big Apple tabloid that even talks about “Biden’s secret emails” on today’s cover.

Documents defined in the article a “smoking gun”. Demonstration of the former number two’s bad faith Barack Obama which would have acted in a clear conflict of interest. In the documents published, tal Vadym Pozharsky, member of the board of directors of Burisma – the Ukrainian gas company he had hired as a consultant Hunter Biden, with a salary of $ 50,000 a month – thanks the son of the then vice president for bringing him to meet his father during a visit to Washington.

In the emails, dated April 2015, it says: “Dear Hunter, thank you for inviting me to DC and for giving me the opportunity to meet your father. An honor and a pleasure”. An event so far always denied by the former White House number two: “I’ve never talked to my son about his business abroad.” In another message, dated May 2014, Pozharsky even asks Hunter: “How can you use your influence on behalf of the company?”.

On the computer, according to the tabloid, there is also a 12-minute video showing Hunter smoking crack and engaging in sexual acts with an unidentified woman. The news, 3 weeks after the vote, is explosive: potentially able to influence the outcome of the elections. But for now it is being taken with extreme caution, and even Facebook is limiting its dissemination: “At least until we ascertain its veracity.”

The story was immediately questioned by other American media: the tabloid that publishes it belongs to Rupert Murdoch, a good friend of Trump and also owner of the conservative network Fox News. Not only that: by the same admission of the NYP, it was to pass the scoop to the newspaper Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York, now Trump’s personal attorney. While the article was immediately followed by the diffusion of a propaganda video that precisely attacks Biden, for “helping” his son.

“The investigations carried out by the media and two Republican-led Senate committees all came to the same conclusion: Joe Biden has only ever pursued official US policy towards Ukraine and has never committed any wrongdoing. Trump administration officials attested these facts under oath “reacts the spokesperson for the dem campaign, Andrew Bates. Noting that the New York Post he did not ask the Biden campaign for any clarification on those documents. Nor did he bother to verify its real provenance, giving Giuliani’s word for it.


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