Kim Kardashian and Other Celebrities Who Made Controversial Claims About COVID-19

Kim Kardashian and Other Celebrities Who Made Controversial Claims About COVID-19

The world faces together with a crisis of dimensions never seen before. Citizens of dozens of countries are collaborating to inform themselves and make life easier, although certain celebrities seem to set the dissonant note with their tactless and empathetic statements. This outbreak is having very broad consequences on the popularity of these stars, whose absurd responses to the coronavirus crisis make continuing to idolize them as before is already very difficult.

Kim Kardashian’s latest birthday post is a good example. Netizens are criticizing her for flying with her family and friends to a private island to celebrate her 40th birthday amid the pandemic. “After two weeks of multiple health exams and asking everyone to stay in quarantine, I surprised my closest circle with a trip to a private island where I can pretend for a while that everything is normal,” he shared. She also added a description of all the fun things they did and commented that she knew that was something difficult to achieve at times like these and that she was aware that she is privileged.

The tweeters did not like his way of recognizing their privileges and pointed out that the second wave of coronavirus is causing many people to lose their jobs and have to separate from their families. For all these reasons, they have started a trend that consists of uploading funny photos of what is normal for them accompanied by the first sentence of the famous text (“After 2 weeks of” or “After two weeks of …”, in Spanish). All with the intention of making fun of the ridiculous publication.

However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. From complaints about a quarantine in a mansion surrounded by luxury, to the spread of hoaxes about the coronavirus through complete indifference: what are the most negative reactions of celebrities to the situation caused by Covid-19? Click to find out!


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