King LeBron IV

King LeBron IV

LeBron James did it again: champion with his third team.

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LeBron James did it again: champion with his third team.

Los Angeles Lakers defeated Miami Heat in Game 6 of the Finals 106-93 and made the Olympic turn after 10 years of drought. Throughout the season, LeBron James was his figure, and in the playoffs there were no exceptions: he averaged 29.8 points, 11.8 rebounds and 8.5 assists, numbers that substantiated his choice as Best Player of the Finals. It is the fourth ring he has won in his career; the rest he got with Miami x2 (yes, James took down the team that gave him a taste of glory for the first time) and Cleveland Cavaliers. Ole review each of the coronations.

Frustrations and first cup, with the Heat (2011/12)

LeBron made his NBA debut in 2003 with the Cavs. They were many years of talent show, but with the uneasiness of not feeling accompanied in the search for the title. In 2007 he reached the Finals and Manu Ginobili’s Spurs filled his basket: 4-0 and home. It happened to Miami, champion in 2006, facing 2010/11. He reached the definition, with the bench of Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, and fell in front of a first-time champion, Dallas Mavericks, 4-2. The following year, against the Oklahoma City Thunder, he received the long-awaited cup. Those of Florida won 4-1 and the one of Akron took the desire.

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Two-time championship in Miami (2012/13)

In a settled team, which knew what it was playing, James once again adorned himself with a ring. Anyway, be careful, it was not easy for him. In front was the San Antonio Spurs, led by Manu, Tim Duncan and Tony Parker. After almost losing the title in the sixth game (He fell 3-2 in the series and, with seconds remaining, Ray Allen scored a triple savior that tied the game for a subsequent red victory), turned around in Game 7 after a tight 95-88.

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Returned to Cleveland to be champion (2015/16)

The power forward had a pending task: to become champion with Cleveland, a team from his city and who placed his faith in him when he was an 18-year-old boy who was taking his first steps. He turned the Cavaliers back in 2014/15, and in his first year he reached the Finals. To his misfortune, Stephen Curry’s Golden State was sharp and cleared it 4-2. In 2015/16 he arrived again, against the same rival, and did something heroic. His franchise turned 1-3, never before seen in NBA history, to win the Larry O’Brien trophy for the first time. and give his third to LeBron.

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Fulfilled Kobe’s legacy in Lakers (2019/20)

In his farewell letter to Kobe Bryant, the now four-time champion promised to continue with his legacy. He came to the Lakers, a team that had not celebrated since 2010 (with Mamba as his figure), in 2018/19. To the frustration of having lost six finals, two with Miami (2011 and 2014) and four with Cleveland (2007, 2015, 2017 and 2018), another was added when he could not get the Angelenos in the playoffs. This season, the team put itself between eyebrows and the goal of being champion. With the addition of Anthony Davis to give the King a hand and a consolidated roster, Los Angeles smiled after defeating Miami 4-1 in the Finals. The violet and gold raised the glass for the 17th time, tying Boston as the most champions.

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