La Sarraz robbery suspects arrested in Lyon

La Sarraz robbery suspects arrested in Lyon

Seven of the thirteen suspects in the attack on the armored cars in August 2019 were arrested and taken into custody. Some 90,000 euros were found during searches.

People suspected of having attacked money carriers at Sarraz (VD) in 2019 were arrested in Lyon (archives).

People suspected of having attacked money carriers at Sarraz (VD) in 2019 were arrested in Lyon (archives).

French police arrested several people suspected of having participated in the attack on two cash carriers in August 2019 in Sarraz (VD). The arrest took place last week in the Lyon region.

Unveiled by Sunday Newspaper, the information was confirmed on Monday at Keystone-ATS by Eric Cottier, the attorney general of the canton of Vaud. Seven of the thirteen suspects arrested were taken into custody, notes the French Sunday newspaper. He specifies that weapons and 90,000 euros were found in a search.

The investigation was carried out by French police officers from the Central Office for the Fight against Organized Crime (OCLCO) and the Lyon judicial police. They succeeded in this trick in particular thanks to “a patient work of telephony”, continues the Sunday newspaper.

On August 23, 2019, shortly after three in the morning, two CIT vehicles were attacked at the Sarraz motorway junction. If one of the vans had managed to escape, the occupants of the other vehicle must have exited at the threat of Kalashnikovs.

The thieves had broken into the van and seized its load, before setting it on fire. Three vehicles used by the robbers were then found charred between Daillens and Penthaz. According to the Vaud police, around ten thugs were involved in this operation.

Repeated attacks

This attack was not the first to take place on Vaud territory, particularly affected by such robberies between 2017 and 2019. In addition to that of Sarraz, spectacular assaults took place in Daillens (December 2019), in Mont-sur- Lausanne (April 2018 and June 2019), in Chavornay (February 2018) or even in Nyon (May 2017).

The operating mode is almost the same every time: the robbers threaten the conveyors with firearms, detonate the van to seize the loot, set the vehicles on fire and flee to France.


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