Lady Di’s favorite sweaters return to dress men

Lady Di's favorite sweaters return to dress men

Lady Di marked a milestone with its peculiar dressing style, to the point of turning a patterned jogging sweatshirt into a little arrogant piece that, when combined with a tailored blazer, was part of a halftime look for a younger generation, and ‘now male’, in the words of Jack Carlson, founder and designer of Rowing Blazers.

The New York fashion brand now reissue the sweaters favorites of Diana of Wales in collaboration with their British designers header. We talk about the first authorized reproductions of the story made entirely in Great Britain, Europe and the United States, with an illustrious reminiscence of the fashion of the early 80s.

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Lady Di’s iconic biker and tennis look is consummated as one of fashion’s strongest memories.

Diana of Wales, now a men’s fashion icon

Lady Di’s life is fascinating and has inspired reissue sweaters that ‘could easily have been used by Prince Charles’. his collection of knits or sweaters, photographed by the paparazzi, were outlined between the casual, sporty and elegant. We cannot deny that, to date, they remain memorable.

The above are designs that you can keep in your closet like that one ‘sheep sweater’ Made by Joanna Osborne y Sally Muir of Warm and Wonderful, with red round neck adorned with rows of white sheep and only one black sheep. A wink that confirms the rebellious character of the Princess Diana against the mandates of the royal family, and that does not exclude genders or borders. Because there will always be one black sheep in any family, and whoever is – at some point – will be proud of it.

These sweaters that will have a privileged place in your closet during fall-winter season are available for $ 295 buying on the official website of theNew York brand. In addition to this, there is also another of the most controversial (and fun) knits that Princess Diana It was worn in pale pink and said: ‘I am a luxury’ on the front, while the phrase ‘few can afford’ was noted on the back. This design is from Gyles & George and it also costs $ 295, in its version for men and women.

The collection that pays tribute to Lady Di Also includes French terry bow-back sweatshirts; jackets and pants tweed patchwork and stripes for men and women; a color block suit; as well as new bags, belts, socks and caps that, of course, will lift our spirits with their messages with a great sense of humor. Gyles Brandreth has said of these sweaters: ‘They have the effect of that old attic image: wear one and stay young.’

'I am a luxury' sweater designed by Gyles & George.

© Courtesy Gyles & George.
‘I am a luxury’ sweater designed by Gyles & George.

The collection reissues successful vintage garments, inspired by Princess Diana and with a new character in question: men. Could this trio sound better?


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