Lakers title party ends with arrest and injured police

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About 80 people were arrested and eight police officers were wounded on Sunday night after celebrations for the victory of the Los angeles lakers at the end of NBA got out of control and ended in violence.

“What started as a largely peaceful celebration for the Lakers’ championship in downtown Los Angeles has degenerated into violent and destructive behavior,” said the Los Angeles Police Department.

According to the institution, about 1,000 fans gathered at the Staples Center, Lakers stadium, after the team defeated the Miami Heat 106-93, thus winning their 17th title in the American basketball league and equaling the record for winning the Boston Celtics.

“Undisciplined individuals mixed up in the crowd started throwing glass bottles, stones and other (types of) projectiles at the police,” said the department. “It was then that the meeting was declared illegal and only a limited number of people agreed and started to disperse,” he continued. “Most of the group split up and started attacking commercial stores, maintaining their violent behavior.”

Authorities reported that more than 30 buildings were affected by the violence and that 76 people were arrested for vandalism, attacks on police officers and disobedience to the dispersal order.

Video footage showed security officers trying to control the crowd with rubber bullets, while people threw objects at them and preyed on patrol cars.

Authorities recommended that fans not gather in the city center for the game due to restrictions related to the covid-19 pandemic and the final would not be broadcast on giant screens in the team’s gym.


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