Lateral thinking rally: fewer participants than registered

Lateral thinking rally: fewer participants than registered

According to the police, a rally against the corona measures at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin was much smaller than announced. A police spokeswoman said on Sunday that 2,500 participants from lateral thinking groups from several cities were registered and around 200 came. With the exception of individual violations of the mask requirement, everything was inconspicuous. Some of the participants wore a mouth and nose covering, but made their rejection clear: “Protection against fines” was written on the piece of cloth that a woman wore on her face. An elderly man wore a mesh mask. Opponents of the German corona policy took to the streets in Berlin on Saturday. According to police, several thousand people took part in the silent march.

© Annette Riedl / dpa
“Lateral thinking 361 Erfurt” is written on the T-shirt of a demonstrator at the lateral thinking demo.


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