Lavrov announces “consequences” to Di Maio for EU line with Moscow

Lavrov announces

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Milan, 14 Oct. (askanews) – “We want to see what the European Union really wants. But the current line of the European Union without consequences obviously will not remain”. Sergey Lavrov was particularly critical of the crisis in relations between Moscow and Brussels during his meeting in the Russian capital with his Italian colleague Luigi Di Maio. The head of Russian diplomacy underlines that he is happy to welcome Di Maio for the first time in the sumptuous residence of the Russian ministry – on Spiridonovka street, in the Patriarshi Prudi district, famous thanks to the Master and Margaret of Bulgakov – but “poetry apart”, the The European Union is following the path of replacing sanctions for diplomatic efforts. “In that sense, the US bad example is contagious,” he says. Among the most critical points in these “complications with the West” Lavrov includes Ukraine, but also “the allegations on the Navalny case”. Di Maio has just told him that he could not fail to raise the issue of the attempted murder of the Russian opponent, “a disturbing fury that has greatly affected Italian public opinion”: “We hear – Lavrov replies – from all our partners that the most important thing is to establish the facts. The bad luck is that the facts concerning Navalny’s presence on Russian territory, on the Russian plane, in the hospital in Omsk, are well known. The facts have been reconstructed, or at least reconstructed by us. for that part we could, because the people involved in this whole story have fled to Britain and Germany and where they are now we don’t know. We ask for access to those people. ” For his part, Di Maio thanked Lavrov for his role as mediator in Nagorno Karabakh and underlined that on many quadrants Italy and Russia also collaborate within the United Nations to seek a stabilization of some areas of the globe that are protagonists of conflicts or have been . “At the diplomatic tables, at the international tables, the presence of Russia in cases that also involve the interests of Italy has been decisive, and therefore we are also confident in the context of the G20 and the G20 presidency to be able to coordinate together, with the protagonism of the Russia, the next actions to counter this health crisis “. Less protagonist, but very present is Moscow on a dossier dear to Italy: Libya. “We are interested – says Lavrov – in the regulation of the situation in Libya, which began with the crude intervention of NATO”. As for the new special envoy for Libya of the UN secretary general, Moscow stresses that “the position has been vacant since March” when the Lebanese Ghassan Salamé resigned and the post was entrusted ad interim to the American Stephanie Williams. Di Maio assured that Italy is pressing for the appointment “without further delay”. Another critical dossier is Belarus. Italy continues “to look with concern at the repression” in the country and at the “legitimate aspirations” of the opposition in Minsk, Di Maio said. Basically, as Lavrov said, Russia and Italy maintain regular contacts, even at the highest level, despite all the difficulties. However, due to the pandemic, the date of the Italian-Russian 2 + 2 Defense-Foreign meeting remains pending.


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