League plus four on the Pd. FdI goes up, M5s in recovery

 League plus four on the Pd. FdI goes up, M5s in recovery

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If the local vote of the Regionals and Municipalities is now behind us, the vote for the renewal of Parliament – except for the crisis and the fall of the government – will only arrive in 2023. In the meantime, however, the “carousel” of polls continues to turn, committed every week to test the voting trends of the Italian population. The latest data published are those of the traditional survey that SWG carries out every Monday for the evening news of La7 directed by Enrico Mentana.

Perhaps the most significant data of the opinion poll concerns Brothers of Italy which is strengthened as the third Italian party in front of a 5 Star Movement recorded a slight recovery. Instead, the two main political formations of the Belpaese are photographed in slight decline: both the League that the Democratic party, in fact, they lose something.

Coming to the numbers, the Swg poll sees Matteo Salvini’s Carroccio at 24.4% of the preferences, down by four tenths of a point compared to the estimate of a week ago. A negative sign also for the dem of Nicola Zingaretti, which went from 20.8% of the votes to 20.5%.

As we said, the golden moment of FdI continues. The party founded and led by Giorgia Meloni is in excellent health: in the last seven days it has risen by two tenths of a point, reaching 16% of favors (at the European Championships in May 2019 Fratelli d’Italia did not go beyond 6.5%.

Half a percentage point behind the Melonians here is the M5s. For the first time after several weeks, the pentastellates manage to contain the bleeding of votes, rising by 0.3% and thus reaching 15.5% of the votes.

At 5.9% of voting intentions we find instead Come on Italy by Silvio Berlusconi. To stay in the center-right area, Let’s change! by Giovanni Toti is detected at 1.4% of the votes. A possible four-party coalition of the center-right would be able to intercept 47.7% of the votes.

Action e Italy Viva they are both bypassed by Italian Left-Article One, given that the left party grows by a tenth of a point to 3.5% of the votes. Carlo Calenda’s list, on the other hand, drops 0.2% and drops to 3.1%; at 3% split here is Matteo Renzi with Iv (+ 0.2% in the last week, which a). They go up too More Europe (2,3%) e i Gave (1.8%), while all the other lists put together collect 2.6% of favors. The last data of the survey is that relating to those who do not express themselves, either for indecision, you want to tend toabstention they account for 37% of the representative sample of the Italian population.


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