Lean in knits: the best styling tips

Lean in knits: the best styling tips

The time of body-hugging outfits is over, now we all cuddle up in misshapen knitted sweaters. So you still cut a good figure

Slim in knit gettyimages

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Slim in knit gettyimages

Knit doesn’t mean bulky garments in XXL, even if we prefer to snuggle up in oversized sweaters and vests during the cold season. With the right styling tips, you will look really slim even in thick wool.

3 slimming tricks for knitting

1. Sleeves up – waistband in

Video: tough trend: hip jeans trends in autumn 2020 (ProSieben)

Scale the sleeves up a bit – this not only makes the look look casual, it also shows off your wrists. And these belong – next to the ankles and the waist – to the narrowest parts of the body. If you expose them or emphasize them, the whole body looks slimmer.

You should also tuck part of the hem in the front of the pants. This is how you define your silhouette and don’t look lost in an oversize knitted sweater.

2. Form-fitting knit

Knitwear doesn’t always have to be XXL and airy. There are plenty of knitted garments that are body-hugging and tight-fitting. A big autumn / winter trend are midi-length knitted skirts that accentuate your figure. They look very chic, especially in muted tones.

3. Wide sweater – tight pants

Duchess Meghan shows how it’s done: if you wear an oversized and cozy wool sweater, you should grab something tighter around the bottom. Skinny jeans emphasize your legs and are a good balance to the voluminous cut of the top.


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