Leon is recognized for facing the pandemic with professionalism

Leon is recognized for facing the pandemic with professionalism

During the Council of the Sanitary Jurisdiction VII directed by Dr. Antonio Escobar Rodriguez the municipality of León by play a great job and work from professional way in the face of the pandemic by covid-19 highlighting that seven months after the coronavirus arrived at Guanajuato state, the shoe town has faced it with staff qualified health and a unique health infrastructure in the center of the country.

Coronavirus in León

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Coronavirus in León

They also highlighted the capacity it had the municipality of León to reconvert the General Hospital and do it function as a hospital to attend the covid-19, toIn addition to installing the Inflatable Hospital, adapting the Community of Las Joyas, Maternal Specialties of León, Pediatric of León, Integral Center for Mental Health, in addition to the IMSS and ISSSTE hospitals.econvertidos to treat the Sars-Cov-2 virus.

In these aforementioned hospitals, not only have they treated patients from the municipality of León but from across the state thus avoiding a collapse of the healthcare system pointing out that in these seven months of pandemic, the city has processed a total of 57 thousand 456 Covid samples of which 764 are health personnel and 208 workers in this sector have tested positive.

Besides that dthe health sector 1,855 people stayed on their jobs to face the pandemic from their various areas, while 340 workers went home to confinement for belonging to vulnerable groups.

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They have been sampled from 256 pregnant With 2 maternal deaths, in mental health care during the contingency, 6,800 participants were reached in the virtual suicide prevention forum held with the College of Psychologists and Universities.

Escobar Rodríguez also pointed out that with a State Laboratory of Public Health It has been possible to give a prompt response to the needs of the population not only of León but of all Guanajuato, for which he said that they will continue to do so.anticovid squads to protect citizens.


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