Let’s talk about game and not height

Let's talk about game and not height

The National Team training in La Paz (AFA)

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The National Team training in La Paz (AFA)

It is not a final, nor is it the decisive match for the World Cup qualification. It is the second step towards Qatar 2022 of a team that is arming itself with spare parts and that does not have Messi in his splendor as in other times. And the main focus in the preview is the wrong one: the height. As if the National Team should not worry first of all about the rival (beyond that he was thrashed with a walk in Brazil) and about their own difficulties.

Scaloni: Bolivia, one of the best in the world



Emphasizing height does not seem appropriate from the mental aspect. One thing is to respect it, take precautions, and another is to be constantly talking about a recurring theme of all Argentine teams, even the National Team. The geographical factor influences, without a doubt, for something Argentina has not won there since Scaloni was a player, 15 years ago) and there was a 48-year streak without team victories (Atlético de Tucumán broke it, in 2018). You do not have to hide the issue, but prepare yourself mentally and not enhance the problem of playing at 3,600 meters above sea level.

null When a drawing is made of the road to the Qualifiers, a defeat in La Paz may be in the plans or as a possible variable. But for the record, playing there is not synonymous with leaving with nothing; in fact Uruguay, Peru and Colombia won in the previous ones, while Brazil tied and Chile and Paraguay lost by one goal. What influences, sure, but technical quality and collective ability can overcome the invisible rivalHow far they put Bolivia from being “one of the best in the world at home”, as stated by DT in the previous. The last Bolivian qualification for a World Cup was in 94 …

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So get psyched up for a game as intelligent as equals, with ball possession, with short routes, not putting so much dynamics in it and slowing down, with defensive order and try to take advantage of stopped balls or rival errors. The height plays, but beyond what they say, It depends more than anything on how we play.

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