Letter to my teenage daughter who will be leaving home someday

Letter to my teenage daughter who will be leaving home someday

Dear daughter:

Letter to my teenage daughter who will be leaving home someday

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Letter to my teenage daughter who will be leaving home someday

We have such a beautiful and great connection that it is hard for me to think that one day you will leave home to take flight.

Although it will be difficult to see you leave home, I am fully aware that that moment will come and I will support your decisions because my mother did so with me.

She let me be who I am and taught me that when we are adults we need to let go of things to connect with others.

So I will do it with you, I want you to feel free to do what you like and make your dreams come true no matter what they are.

Of course, I have to tell you that although I know that you will leave home to start your own life, you must be strong to face any obstacle that comes your way because out there the world is not as easy as it seems.

If at any time you need help, I will be there to support you and listen to you above all things, always.

Also, if one day you feel lonely and very sad, be sure that I will be there.

And do what makes you happy!

It may be that you want to leave home because you need to become independent, fend for yourself and face the expenses that this implies on your own and that is fine.

You may want to leave home because you want to travel and live somewhere else and that’s fine.

It may be that you know someone and you want to spend the rest of your life with that person and that’s fine.

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You might want ‘other airs’ and that’s fine.

You might want to live with your friends to feel more free and that’s fine.

I will always support the decisions you make because I know that you are a very mature girl and capable of doing so.

I must confess that I am very afraid to be separated from you, but that is life and I understand it because it is something that all parents will experience at some time.

And I will be very proud of you, because I know that when you leave the house, you will be a stronger and stronger woman.

That is what it is about, you have to trace independent paths to family and emotional ties because later I will not be there.

Although I will protect you until the last of my days, someday I will not be there to listen or support you and that is why I need you to be independent and safe.

You are already a teenager and I know that you are probably close to taking flight, so I want to make it very clear to you what I feel and think.

All my love, your mom.

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