Liberalism is not a fashion

Matteo praises the togas

Dear Salvini, you are sympathetic to alternating current, now because it says very irritating for a liberal but immediately afterwards because it deserves total solidarity (always liberal) against those who try to get rid of the handcuff already used with Craxi, Andreotti and Berlusconi. The fact remains that the liberals do not dream of Salvini as head of the government even if he wins the center-right tournament and why you have understood it well since you insist on the new password: “liberal”. This happens, I believe, both because you are intelligent and because you are an excellent politician. And he understood that a sovereignist cannot sit in Palazzo Chigi. But he should realize that “liberal” fashion cannot be launched as it were the new autumn-winter season. The intention is good, but it is not enough as the only proof having chatted with the excellent Marcello Pera. As you know, it was liberal Winston Churchill who growled “we will fight in the streets, fields and streets and we will not give up” when he was at war with the Nazi sovereign allies of the “Red Army” sovereign until Hitler screwed up the game. The liberals don’t mess around. Although I was deputy secretary of the tiny Liberal Party, I do not pretend to teach anyone but I imagine you know that the conquest of the liberal license is not achieved with a couple of opportunistic and suspicious declarations of opportunism. However, let’s take the announcement effect for granted, pending the facts. And in politics, as in love, the facts are the words and the words are the facts.


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