Libyan parties to continue their consultation meetings

Libyan parties to continue their consultation meetings

Libyan parties to continue their consultation meetings

Libyan parties to continue their consultation meetings

Delegations representing the Libyan State Supreme Council and the House of Representatives in Tobruk, political ally of Caliph Haftar, decided to continue their constitutional consultation meetings in Cairo, the capital of Egypt.

The first round of meetings between Libyan parties, which started in Cairo on October 11, under the leadership of the United Nations (UN), ended late at night.

In the closing statement of the meeting, it was stated that the parties discussed whether the current draft constitution can be taken to a referendum and reached a consensus on the necessity of the end of the transition period.

According to AA’s report; It was stated that the parties, who behave very flexible about the dialogue and want to continue the talks, agreed to hold a second round of meetings in Egypt to consult on constitutional regulations.

Speaking at the opening of the consultation meetings that began in Egypt on Sunday, Egyptian Intelligence Director General Abbas Kamil had called on the Libyan parties to put aside the disputes.

In his speech at the meeting, UN Secretary General Libya Deputy Special Representative Stephanie Williams stated that a real and comprehensive constitution in Libya is the fundamental element for the full formation of the state.

The delegations met in Buznika, Morocco, on September 6-10, prior to the constitutional consultation meetings in the Cairo. In the closing session of the talks, a consensus was reached on the appointment criteria of the names to be brought to the top level institutions in the country, and it was decided to meet again in the last week of September to complete the procedures to implement the agreement, but the meetings were delayed to October.


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