Light up the Halloween party with these 15 ideas for (literally) scary make-up

Light up the Halloween party with these 15 ideas for (literally) scary make-up

By now we know that too Halloween 2020, this year will be a little different than the previous ones, but nothing prevents us from organizing a small party at home with ours besties or why not, also make a mega videochat with friends. In any case, if the costume is not mandatory, to keep the spirit of this holiday at least we must have a makeup “scary” and that’s why we are here to provide you ideas right. Before starting with “no but they are too difficult”, “I have already seen some tutorial make-up per Halloween and they are very complicated “, etc. etc. know that we have thought of all skill levels, from those who still struggle to put eyeliner on the first try (here I am!) to those who could compete with James CharlesErgo, you will find makeup ideas for Halloween both very simple (but always impressive!) and a little more demanding. And anyway, since at the night of October 31st 2020 there are still a few days left, nothing prevents you from having fun doing some tests. Ready?

For the scariest night of the year we give you 15 simple and more complex make-up ideas that you can show off at your parties at home or on Zoom.

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For the scariest night of the year we give you 15 simple and more complex make-up ideas that you can show off at your parties at home or on Zoom.

Halloween 2020: 15 ideas for a … scary makeup

Morticia Addams make up, for those who never want to give up on glam

You can be scary even with extreme class like Morticia Addams. To recreate this simple Halloween makeup (yes it really is!), you will have to use the classic make-up tools by creating smokey eyes, a nice coat of mascara on the false eyelashes and a rouge noir lipstick. The wig with jet-black and super-smooth hair is a must unless you already have dark hair, as is the very light foundation. Morticia Addams was certainly not a fan of sun and beach.

Violetta Beauregarde, for an easy easy Halloween makeup

Like who is Violetta Beauregarde? She is one of the protagonists of The Chocolate Factory, one of the most beautiful books by Roald Dahl as well as the film with Johnny Depp and before that with Gene Wilder. This very impertinent girl always has a chewing gum in her mouth with which she makes endless balloons and disobeying Willy Wonka’s orders, to taste a new gum, she becomes more and more blue turning into a blueberry. If you were looking for a very simple make-up, you are satisfied because in this case you will have to play with the purple and blue eyeshadows to recreate the splash of color that expands on the face. Recommendation: Big Bubble in the mouth all evening.

Cosmetic surgery make-up is as simple and disturbing as ever

Other simple Halloween makeup idea but decidedly original, that of recreating the typical features of surgery on the face. Also in this case the make-up is really basic: a foundation, a line of eyeliner, mascara for more voluminous lashes, a touch of gloss for the lips to create the filler effect and a black pencil to draw the lines. The bloodstained bandage is the extra Halloween touch.

Halloween Witch Makeup, Winifred by Hocus Pocus

What Halloween would be without a witch disguise, but not just any witch but the cruel Winifred from Hocus Pocus. If you can decide how to do it with eye makeup, the peculiar characteristics must be 2: red lipstick for the heart-shaped mouth and 2 beautiful incisors in evidence. Top it all off with a fiery red wig for the extra voluminous hair, or choose a temporary dye if you want to create an even more realistic look.

It, for scarier clown makeup than ever

Okay, not all clowns can be scary, but when it comes to It, fear assaults you all right. White greasepaint, red lips and nose and those two lines that rise as if they wanted to stretch his terrifying grin. The It makeup for Halloween it is definitely among the most spooky.

Simple but iconic Halloween makeup with Harley Quinn

Other make up for simple Halloween, but effective and within everyone’s reach, since it is a smudged trick, therefore no precision is needed. To recreate your Harley Quinn makeup, remember the contrast of pink and blue eyeshadows, high pigtails and face tattoos: the transformation into one of the ultimate villains is done.

Video: “I show you how I dye my hair with balloons” (Mediaset)

The skeleton makeup, the classic of the classics for Halloween

Definitely a makeup for Halloween 2020 a little more complex than the previous ones, but it’s not Halloween without a self-respecting skeleton, and this is it. Black and white has never been scarier.

The evergreen of all time, the zombie

After the skeleton there could only be the zombie makeup. Here too, you will find an infinity of variables but we have chosen this one because it seems affordable for everyone and super effective. Go for it with dark eyeshadows to create contrasts with the skin of the face with more … dead tones.

Cruella Demon makeup … would scare even a lion

She is one of the baddest villains in Disney history and the name itself reminds us of it: Cruella Demon. This is definitely pro level, but given how good we are, we took a video Halloween makeup tutorial which shows you not only how to turn into the nasty her but also which ones makeup products use. Of the various Cruella Demon cheats, this is our favorite.

Makeup for Halloween scarecrow

Have you ever seen a cooler scarecrow than this? All you need is black eyeshadow, pencil and lipstick to create a look perfect for Halloween that we love it.

Spiderwoman … if spiders don’t scare you

After the video of Bad Guy of Billie Eilish, the fashion of spiders coming out of the mouth has been cleared and it seems a good one idea per Halloween… unless you suffer from arachnophobia. These were drawn so realistically that we checked before there were none in the room.

Pumpkin for Halloween

You know makeup for Halloween more themed than this? Fun, simple and just like the original hollow pumpkin, you can have fun creating the shapes for the eyes and mouth.

Cry me a river … of blood

Less is more and this is the confirmation that it takes very little to create a make up per Halloween really effective and effective. You will only have to cry tears of blood. They can stain, so Kleenex always in hand.

Frankenstein as you’ve never seen it before

Reading the book, each of us created the idea of ​​the Modern Prometheus in his imagination, but this version of Frankenstein exceeds all expectations: seams, cuts, flaps of leather. One of the tricks for Halloween 2020 seen so far among the most beautiful. And that’s definitely a pro level too.

Grimilde makeup, because witches can also be beautiful

In this case no one will be able to call you an ugly witch, because we like this trick of Grimilde (aka Snow White’s stepmother) so much that we will probably bring it back even when Halloween is over. There is no doubt, she is the most beautiful in the realm.

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