Lissa Vera recalled the days of Bandana “they told us we were fat”

Lissa Vera recalled the days of Bandana

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Lissa Vera He remembered how he lived the success of Bandana, the musical group that became famous after being formed in the reality show “Pop Star.” In communication with “Por si las moscas” program of La Once Diez, the singer narrated the pressures suffered by the artists, very young, due to their physical appearance.

“At that time we were questioned by our bodies, they told us we were fat. And today I look at the photos of the time and it was a stick ”explained Lisa. She clarified that those situations did not overshadow the girls’ happiness: “We, who were singers, didn’t care…. Many rude singers and musicians loved us, they came to see us, but on television they did not like us … We even came out the ‘worst dressed’ of 2002.”

Lissa also remembered the difficult time the country was going through and she was grateful for the accompaniment of the people: “I think Bandana was a real phenomenon, in a complicated socio-political moment. Bandana proved that you could go out to fulfill a dream. And people with what little they had came to see us.



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