list of NBA champions with 4 or more rings

list of NBA champions with 4 or more rings

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Los angeles lakers Y Miami Heat they will close on Sunday with a game that can define the championship. The NBA Finals 2020 never had more suspense, since those directed by Erik Spoelstra prevailed in the fifth game giving the surprise and ruining the party to those of California. A situation that LeBron James he doesn’t want it to escape him anymore.

LeBron you know you have a chance to enter a historic roster of champions NBA. Earning three rings is not the same as four on a list that would stretch too far and, as if that already meant a lot, James I would get the same in three different franchises: Miami Heat, Cleveland Cavaliers y Los Angeles Lakers.

As is known, only Sam Jones (10) has been able to get close to the 11 rings NBA that Bill Russell has and only because he shared a team, getting all of them playing both for Boston Celtics. For example, Michael Jordan who was an absolute dominator of the NBA and that he always had a great team behind him, he was consecrated six times. Away from Russell.

To get the title with Los angeles lakers in the NBA Finals, LeBron James would match the line of historical figures like Shaquille O’Neal, Robert Parish, Emanuel Ginobili and Horace Grant, while you would stay one from another like Kobe Bryant, Don Nelson, Magic Johnson y Dennis Rodman.

The complete list of NBA champions with at least 4 rings:


Bill Russell (Boston Celtics)

Bill Russell (Getty)

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Bill Russell (Getty)


Sam Jones (Boston Celtics)

Sam Jones (Getty)

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Sam Jones (Getty)


John Havlicek (Boston Celtics)

KC Jones (Boston Celtics)

Tom Heinsohn (Boston Celtics)

Tom Sanders (Boston Celtics)

John Havlicek (CelticsBlog)

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John Havlicek (CelticsBlog)


Robert Horry (Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers, San Antonio Spurs)

Frank Ramsey (Boston Celtics)

Jim Loscutoff (Boston Celtics)

Robert Horry (Rockets Wire)

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Robert Horry (Rockets Wire)


Michael Jordan (Chicago Bulls)

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Milwaukee Bucks, Los Angeles Lakers)

Scottie Pippen (Chicago Bulls)

Bob Cousy (Boston Celtics)

Michael Jordan (Getty)

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Michael Jordan (Getty)


Kobe Bryant (Los Angeles Lakers)

Tim Duncan (San Antonio Spurs)

Magic Johnson (Los Angeles Lakers)

Don Nelson (Boston Celtics)

Dennis Rodamn (Chicago Bulls, Detroit Pistons)

Steve Kerr (Chicago Bulls, San Antonio Spurs)

Larry Siegfried (Boston Celtics)

Derek Fisher (Los Angeles Lakers)

Michael Cooper (Los Angeles Lakers)

Ron Harper (Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls)

Slater Martin (Minneapolis Lakers, St Louis Hawks)

George Mikan (Minneapolis Lakers)

Jim Pollard (Minneapolis Lakers)

Kobe Bryant (Getty)

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Kobe Bryant (Getty)


Shaquille O’Neal (Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat)

Emanuel Ginobili (San Antonio Spurs)

Robert Parish (Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls)

Horace Grant (Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers)

Gene Guarilia (Boston Celtics)

Ven Mikkelsen (Los Angeles Lakers)

Tony Parker (San Antonio Spurs)

Will Perdue (Chicago Bulls, San Antonio Spurs)

Kurt Rambis (Los Angeles Lakers)

John Salley (Chicago Bulls, Detroit Pistons, Los Angeles Lakers)

Pep Saul (Minneapolis Lakers, Rochester Royals)

Bill Sharman (Boston Celtics)

Jamaal Wilkes (Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers)

Emanuel Ginobili (Getty)

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Emanuel Ginobili (Getty)


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