Local reconfinement not excluded, 10 million cases in Latin America … update on the coronavirus

Local reconfinement not excluded, 10 million cases in Latin America ... update on the coronavirus

New reports, new measures and highlights: an update on the latest developments in the Covid-19 pandemic around the world.

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The situation in France

The indicators deteriorated further in 24 hours in France, with a new increase in patients in intensive care and more than 20,000 new positive cases, a new record. The government’s scientific council has not ruled out the possibility of local re-containment “if necessary”, warning the French to prepare for living with the virus until next summer. Its president also mentioned the intermediate possibility of a curfew.

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The country recorded a record number of cases on Friday with 20,339 new cases of contamination detected in the past 24 hours according to data published Friday by Public Health France. The test positivity rate (proportion of positive people out of all those tested) continues to increase and for the first time exceeds 10%, to 10.4%. In the past 24 hours, 62 people have died from Covid, bringing the total of deaths in hospital or nursing homes since the start of the epidemic to at least 32,630.

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Video: Covid-19: Olivier Véran details the three indicators which determine the epidemic thresholds (Le Figaro)

Covid-19: Olivier Véran details the three indicators that determine the epidemic thresholds



The number of Covid-19 patients hospitalized in sheaves rose slightly on Friday, according to the health agency. In total, 1,439 people are in intensive care, or 21 more than the day before, yet another record since May.

Faced with the deterioration of the situation, the government announced Thursday the passage during the weekend of Grenoble, Saint-Etienne, Lyon and Lille in the maximum alert zone. These cities thus join Aix-Marseille and Paris at this alert level synonymous with closed bars and restaurants which must limit their reception, closed sports halls etc.

More than 10 million cases in Latin America

Latin America and the Caribbean are experiencing “the worst economic and health consequences” in the world due to the pandemic, according to the World Bank, which forecasts a decline in regional gross domestic product of 7.9% in 2020.

More than 10 million cases of the new coronavirus have been officially identified in Latin America and the Caribbean, according to a count made by AFP from official sources on Saturday at 6:40 GMT. In total, at least 10,001,833 cases have been reported. Among them, 366,637 people died and 8,537,563 are considered cured. Latin America and the Caribbean is, according to officially reported figures, the most affected region of the world in terms of both cases and deaths.

More than half of the region’s cases are in Brazil, which has 5,055,888 cases and 149,639 deaths. Colombia (894,300 cases and 27,495 deaths), Argentina (871,455, 23,225) and Peru (843,355, 33,158) follow.

The point in the world

The pandemic has made at least 1,063,346 dead worldwide since the WHO office in China reported the onset of the disease at the end of December, according to a report established by AFP from official sources Friday in the middle of the day. More than 36.5 million cases of infection have been diagnosed since the start of the epidemic.

The United States are the most affected country with 213,570 deaths, followed by Brazil (149,639), of the’Inde (106,490), of Mexico (83,096) and you United Kingdom (42,592).


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