Low ponytail – this is how you wear a ponytail!

Low ponytail - this is how you wear a ponytail!

Ponytail: Trendy low ponytail Imaxtree hairstyle

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Ponytail: Trendy low ponytail Imaxtree hairstyle

  • In autumn 2020 we will wear an extremely deep ponytail as a trend hairstyle
  • This look was given on the international catwalks
  • Styling a low ponytail only takes a maximum of five minutes

The low ponytail is definitely one of the simplest trend hairstyles – because with little effort and minimal time you can achieve a look that has made it to the international catwalks in numerous versions in the autumn / winter collections. No wonder, because the ponytail, which is tied low in the neck, is as simple as it is elegant – and above all goes well with the currently so relevant minimalist looks.

So you can currently see the trend hairstyle not only in the new collection, but of course also long ago in the fashion professionals who prove that the low ponytail is suitable for everyone. Because this one Ponytail not only fits every hair structure, but also every style.

Low ponytail: that’s behind the new trend hairstyle!

If you have to go fast in the morning and still want to leave the front door dressed up, the Low Ponytail is exactly the right choice. Because the deep ponytail – following the example of the designer – needs a maximum of five minutes in styling, but ensures an elegant trend hairstyle all day.

Either you leave the low ponytail very simple and only knot your hair at the neck – or you integrate details such as a rhinestone chain, additional hair ties on the pigtail or braid your hair down. By the way: the low bun is a slight modification of the deep ponytail. This trend hairstyle is styled in the same way and only to a deep one Dutt bound.

Trend hairstyle: how to style the deep ponytail?

First you draw a straight parting – either in the middle of the head or on the side. Depending on the structure of the hair, it is sufficient to comb the hair and tie it in a ponytail at the nape of the neck. In the case of a curly or frizzy surface, however, you can use a straightening iron (be sure to use heat protection!) Or gel. For a more exciting ponytail, it also looks very aesthetic to slightly twist the outer strands at the back of the head.

Now you decide whether you want the Trend hairstyle leave it in its simplicity or add more details. To do this, you can braid your hair behind the first elastic band or separate sections of the same size with additional bands.


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