Lustful Ideas: The Five Most Unusual Sex Practices

Lustful Ideas: The Five Most Unusual Sex Practices

Every couple has different preferences in the bedroom that they like to live out together. Everyone has probably heard of French sex or certain fetishes such as BDSM. For some, the following little games are very exciting and rekindle the desire for one another, even after a long relationship. Fascinating sex practices with trickling hot wax and what balloons have lost in the bedroom you can find out here!


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Edging – the excruciating control of the climax

Let’s start with an almost harmless practice that some people like: Edging. The term edge comes from English and is translated as “edge” or “edge”. Sexually, this means something like bringing your partner to the brink of orgasm several times, but then letting him run into void.

The effect of it all is that as a result of these pauses there is an incredibly high level of sexual energy. If you finally allow an orgasm, this energy is discharged and a climax with incredibly high intensity is released.

Incidentally, this practice is not a newfangled gimmick. She belongs to the tantrischen Sex and is several hundred years old. Especially nice: both men and women can be driven to the edge of madness with this method.

However, a little practice is necessary until you have figured out how to best control your orgasm and to find the right time. In order to get as much as possible from the so-called edging, it is important not to set the reversal point too early, but to aim to get the so-called “point of no return”, i.e. the point of no return.

What’s so unusual about that? – Edging can be very painful when the other person decides when you are allowed to come and when not.

Figging – spicy games from the Victorian era

The so-called figging involves the use of a piece of ginger, which is inserted into the vagina or the anus. Even rubbing in sensitive areas can be extremely arousing for those who stand on it. Because ginger is full of essential oils. These not only ensure a pleasant burning sensation, but also ensure that the mucous membranes swell.

In addition, figging has an effect on the body that has even been scientifically proven:

  • since contact with ginger increases blood flow, sexual arousal is increased
  • at the same time, it can delay orgasm
  • if an orgasm finally occurs, it is much more intense due to the increased blood flow

Overall, it is a pleasure pain that is achieved by means of figging. If you would like to experiment with this method, you can also puree the ginger. Important: The effect wears off after about 20 minutes. If you want to try it out, you should take it easy the first time.

By the way: The whole thing is also available with chili peppers.

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Looning and inflatable fetish

Anyone who likes bursting balloons or the noise they make may have something for looning. The direct relative of looning consists of the inflatable fetish. Those affected stand on inflatable objects.

The sexual arousal arises when the fetishists stick the balloon or something like an inflatable swim ring under the T-shirt, rub against it or make it burst explosively. Even the slow escape of air can be stimulating to someone.

Basically, this sex practice, which is unusual for many, is somewhat reminiscent of a latex fetish, because the surface of the objects in particular plays an important role in the development of sexual arousal. It is therefore not surprising that some balloon fetishists also have a thing for the aforementioned area.

Hot wax games

Not only can sex be hot, it can get even hotter with candle wax. Some light candles to create a romantic atmosphere through the light. But how about using the candle wax too?

During hot wax games, the partners drip hot drops of wax onto their bodies. That literally heats up, because the first drop causes a pleasurable moan. But of course it is important that security is not neglected.

The partner who comes into contact with the candle wax must always agree. At the same time, the partner performing the work should be very careful to drip the wax over the body. The ultimate goal is to gain pleasure, not burns.

Before starting the wax game, all easily flammable objects should be put away as a precaution. There are also special wax candles on the market that have been specifically designed for this type of sex game. Soy candles and paraffin candles are well suited. These are odorless and colorless. Soy candles in particular cool down quickly and do not irritate the skin (depending on how you feel and your own skin).

Caution: Partners should definitely avoid candles with beeswax and candles with dyes.

In order for it to work at all when making love, the candle must of course burn for a while. 20 to 30 minutes are usually sufficient. The rest is a matter of taste and you are welcome to try it yourself.

Discover the male G-spot with the prostate massage

For many men, a gentle prostate massage can be very pleasurable. It is not without reason that the prostate is considered the secret G-spot of men. For the prostate massage, couples best use their own fingers or a suitable anal toy.

It should be noted that every man reacts very differently. Couples should therefore gently dare to have a prostate massage. Anal satisfaction can be performed through the anus, but also from the outside through the man’s perineum. Just try it out.

The gland itself is about the size of a chestnut. It can be felt with the finger at about five to seven centimeters in the anus. In preparation for the prostate massage, gentle stroking and exploring is always a good idea. In foreplay, the target is the region between the testicles and anus.

There are two variants for the massage itself, a direct or indirect version. In the indirect version, the prostate is massaged over the perineum and in the direct version, inside over the anus.

Whoever has felt the prostate circles the gentle gland with light pressure. The intensity should be varied a little. Trying out and experimenting are in the foreground in order to make the pleasurable experience even more exciting for men.


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