Luxembourg promises to rethink Palmeiras ‘offensive style’

Luxembourg promises to rethink Palmeiras 'offensive style'

Despite the lack of creativity and the three submissions towards the goal of São Paulo, who broke the fast at Allianz Parque on Saturday night (10), Vanderlei Luxemburgo believes that Palmeiras is going through a more offensive phase since the match against Bolívar, by Libertadores.

Palmeiras squad is affected by muscle injuries in the return of football (Photo: Cesar Greco / Palmeiras)

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Palmeiras squad is affected by muscle injuries in the return of football (Photo: Cesar Greco / Palmeiras)

However, after two consecutive defeats against teams considered inferior, the commander of Verdão highlighted the need to rethink the style of play for the rest of the competition.

– We have to do an analysis. We are looking for the team to be more open, to play with more creativity and to move forward. However, obviously, to do this you are more vulnerable. We are seeing that the thing has not been working as we think it should. You have to look calmly if the best way to play is this, which I implemented against Bolívar and Ceará – he commented, admitting that the team used to play prioritizing the defensive moment.

– Maybe we have to make the team less vulnerable and play in a different way, since we are short of numbers. We have to calmly analyze what we are going to do, which is the best option. If it’s the one that we were taking a hit, playing well, but getting the result. Or the one we are trying to adopt for the team to be more offensive, but vulnerable – he added.

Recalling other works, marked by offense, Vanderlei highlighted the importance of analyzing the squad before defining a game idea.

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– Of course I want you to play nice like the teams I always put in Palmeiras and other clubs I worked for. But we have to look at the squad calmly, the possibilities, how is the condition inside the games – he said, leaving to understand that he will return to the old style in the matches of the Copa do Brasil and Libertadores.

– As we are going to play eliminatory matches, I have to think about it very calmly. The fan must understand that it is useless to say ‘Lucas must be removed, Veiga, Zé must be removed’. That’s the cast. It is what we have. Everyone they complain about has good and bad games. We’re doing things with the kids. It’s no use, it’s another reality – he concluded.

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Finally, Luxa again questioned whether Palmeiras has players available to implement a propositional ideology.

We have to continue working with the boys and the cast that we have now. We need to find and fit what is best for the team. They complain that the team plays badly, but we have to analyze whether we have material to play nice ”, he concluded.


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