Luxembourg studies giving up Palmeiras offensive for ‘ugly results’ football

Éverton Ribeiro leaves the bench to command Flamengo's victory over Athletico-PR

After many charges at Palmeiras, Vanderlei Luxemburgo surrendered to the most offensive football, with three forwards. Two defeats were enough for Botafogo and São Paulo. for him to admit that he can give up the current scheme for the return of “ugly football, but with results”. The coach is not at all pleased to see his team exposed. There were four goals conceded in the last two games. He must sacrifice one of the men facing the entrance of yet another containment player in the middle.

“I am upset. The most upset is me. But I have to keep working and find the best way for the team to play,” he said after the 2-0 loss to São Paulo at Allianz Parque. “Closed, looking for two or three escapes, or vulnerable?”, He asked. “That is up to me. Maybe ugly football. But with results.”

Even with a millionaire squad and with good options, the coach spent the whole year suffering to make Palmeiras please. Even in the conquest of Paulistão. And he’s been getting a lot of criticism for that. Still, you can resume the scheme that has always irritated the palmeirense.

“Obviously I would like to arm the team as I always did, playing well, attacking. But at this moment we have to analyze it calmly, because there is still time (to seek the top)”, he said, already stating that the flashy football left to be the essential.

Luxembourg demanded reinforcements again and took the opportunity to send a message to the fans. “It is no use talking to take or put so-and-so, beltrano or sicrano. To change Raphael Veiga, Lucas Lima. Who they ask for have good and bad days. This is the cast, it is our reality.”

The two defeats in a row came when Palmeiras lost Weverton, Vina, Gomez and Gabriel Menino to the qualifiers. Even so, the technician did not want to associate stumbling blocks with embezzlement.

“Summoning is part and I cannot blame the defeats for absences and place the blame on whoever stayed here. We did a first half like São Paulo and part of the second. Even with the adverse score, it was balanced. But when we lost Luan through the injury , then everything was unbalanced. ”


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