“Macri’s economic team should not appear giving advice”


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The former director of Banco Nación, Carlos Melconian, pointed against the inexpensive equipment of the management of Mauricio Macri and stated that “they shouldn’t show up giving advice“He also counted because he admitted that the former president” knows that the economy was bad for him “and that in private” he is more self-critical.

“He Macri’s economic team it shouldn’t appear giving advice. You said 20 things that did not happen, do not give the people in front room to execute you“said the economist in dialogue with A24, and detached himself from decision-making during the previous government: I was not part of the economic team. I was the director of Banco Nación, which is very far from decision-making. ”

Along these lines, he added: “Macri is a person who knows that he had that opportunity, in private he is more self-critical, who knows that the economy went badly, is clear in private the economic conflicts that he would not commit again, and I know nothing more than that. “While on the other hand, he commented:” The government of Macri had an enviable foreign policy, and he did it, and it was brilliant. ”

Melconian, on the Government’s measures: “We were waiting for the firefighters and the sodero arrived”

Regarding the situation of blue dollar that exceeded 170 pesosHe argued: “The parallel dollar is the buchón dollar, it shows you that this is a problem of high macroeconomic content, not exchange rate. The same is a dollar passed by thread, but never make the mistake of saying that it hit a ceiling.”

A simple devaluation is for the worse. We are on our way to something, a dry devaluation is for the worse, there is history, if you do not correct the political anchor and the exchange rate correction comes with something, it will demand you. The agreement with the Fund should be advanced, “added Melconian.

On the other hand, regarding the political direction of the Government, he expressed: “The political problem chronologically is a formula that was born that way, with the current vice president naming the candidate. Then came the slogan, with Cristina alone is not enough, without Cristina you cannot, caught a government off guard and beat it forcefully. ”

Melconian: “The Government lies when it says that we were a phenomenon and the pandemic caught us”

“A large piece of Argentina voted against the economy. And there began a political period that would define it: a large majority that did not vote for this government, voted in favor of trying to interpret that a great political player participated, a great chess player, which is what generated the move of chips for the triumph, and simultaneously a person with great political experience, a person who defines himself as an asset, “he said.

Finally, he concluded: “We were on our way to that in the first 100 days, with a mediocre schedule, but mediocre as it was, it was going to be enough to have a 2020 better than 2018 and 2019, because of how bad the other had been, and the pandemic comes. The pandemic dismantled the government health, political and economic. ”



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