Madrid considers the application of the state of alarm “authoritarian” and believes that “nobody can be proud”

Madrid considers the application of the state of alarm

Plenary of the Madrid Assembly

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Plenary of the Madrid Assembly

The Minister of the Presidency of the Community of Madrid, Eugenia Carballedo, has recognized this Saturday that “no one can be proud of what is happening”, has considered that “the dialogue was necessary for months” and that the state of alarm has been dictated “in a somewhat authoritarian way” by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez.

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Speaking to the media in an event in memory of graphic designer and sculptor José María Cruz Novillo, Carballedo has stated that the state of alarm “is the result of imposition”, has stated that the Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, spoke with the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, to “make him understand” that they should establish a dialogue to reach an agreement. He also highlighted that on Friday the president of the Community, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, contacted Sánchez to explain her strategy for the future 15 days based on “technical and sanitary criteria.” Carballedo has branded the president of entering “in a partisan, political and imposition terrain” and has acknowledged understanding, based on these reasons, “why he did not want to dialogue.”

On the other hand, he affirmed that the regional government is working with the decision to end the virus and that is why the order has been issued to restrict mobility in seven basic health areas that are not affected by the state of alarm, at be smaller municipalities of 100,000 inhabitants. Thus, the areas of Villa de Prado, Humanes de Madrid and Reyes Católicos (in San Sebastián de los Reyes), which were in force, are added to the basic areas of Arganda del Rey (Arganda del Rey), Sierra de Guadarrama (Collado Villalba), Colmenar Viejo Norte (Colmenar Viejo), and Valleaguado (Coslada). “We are going to carry antigen tests, we have bought five million, and to detect which are the asymptomatic patients susceptible to infect without knowing it, and we are going to ask these neighbors to restrict their movements, “he added.

In this sense, it has considered that the strategy that the Community of Madrid is using “gives results” and that the situation “is improving” since the average accumulated index is now 526 cases, “figures close to the 500 that Mr. Sánchez intends.”

Lack of dialogue between institutions

The Minister of the Presidency has criticized that the Prime Minister “he has not deigned to receive” Ayuso, while the regional president “needed help” and has added that he is the one who has powers to create a regulatory legal framework where the Autonomous Communities know what their powers are. “For months we should have been sitting talking and Sánchez should have dealt with the demands and requests that were being made to him by both the president of the Community and other regional presidents,” Carballedo declared.

On the other hand, he lamented the confinement of the 21 districts of the capital “to the braves” and “without stopping to see where it is necessary and where not” to apply a measure that implies “losing jobs, that merchants put the closure and that taxi drivers go without passengers. ” Thus, with respect to Illa’s words to Ayuso in which she criticized the president for “folding her arms” and “doing nothing”, Carballedo has considered them as “one more threat” and stressed that “from minute one always they have been threats after threats. “

Future and evolution of the pandemic

However, the counselor has stated that they will “abide by” these measures that they have imposed since they are “a serious government”, but has pointed out that if they want to give a good service to the citizens, the administrations must “dialogue and agree” not only with the president of the nation, but also with the municipalities. “We are meeting with the mayors who are most affected. Yesterday with the Minister of Territorial Administration we spent two hours talking with the mayors and they were also able to talk with the Deputy Minister of Health (Antonio Zapatero), with the General Director of Public Health (Elena Andradas), and with the General Director of Economy (Rodrigo Tilve ) “, has exposed.

Regarding the health situation within 15 days when the state of alarm ends, Carballedo has assured that he has “certainty” that the situation will have improved and that if today he does not consider it necessary to apply this formula, after two weeks he will believe it “with more reason”. “We are going to provide objective data every day that will make someone who wants to see the epidemiological situation in Madrid objectively understand. Every day we work and we have real knowledge of how the situation is in all basic health areas”, has indicated. Finally, he has specified that they are going to give Sánchez “objective and technical reasons” to reduce the situation and “not insist on this harassment” against the region. “Taking disproportionate, arbitrary and unfair measures is not benefiting the Community of Madrid”, he concluded.


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